Programs in cheap metal detectors

Comparison between cheap metal detectors vs expensive

Finished factory search program with a metal detector, the user is unable to change. It represents any sets of objectives defined by the manufacturer, and most often represent certain directions search (coins, jewelry, and so on). Editable program allows you to search independently set the objectives on which it is necessary to obtain a response. […]

Discrimination scale in cheap Metal Detectors

metal detecting treasure

Until recently, inexpensive Metal Detectors producers do not used optional displays information about target (VDI). It was the prerogative of the detectors of middle and high class. But now, many are already equipped with their budget models of metal detectors this function. VDI is conditional rate number, which determines the conductivity of metals. This indicator […]

What are the cheap metal detectors

How to choose cheap but functional metal detector

The bulk of the cheap metal detectors is equipped with a complete set of basic functions, and some manufacturers produce cheap detectors with many extra features, in addition to Basic. Affordable the detector include Garrett ACE 250, Fisher F2, tesoro compadre. Their cost is approximately $ 300. Manufacturers usually set on inexpensive detectors LCD monochrome […]

ground pioneer 4500 prix

metal detectors for coin and jewelry

Affordable metal detectors are the detector equipped with basic features that allow you to immediately start your search without having previously manual and search theory with a metal detector. The basic functions of inexpensive detectors include: having the screen to output information, the function separation of metals, built-in ready-made search search programs, with the possibility […]

whites xlt reviews and videos

Whites XLT Metal Detector

Spectrum XLT-microprocessor-based metal detector, one of the best metal detectors the professional class. This detector copes with a wide range of search tasks: treasure map, find gold, military search, geological exploration, etc. However, use this appliance is recommended for advanced search engines, because it requires certain skills and has a large number of functions. Whites […]

md-3010 metal detector

md-3010ii review

Buy MD3010 metal detector inexpensively, MD3010II Metal detector (China factory) entry level, this is a cheap analog Garrett ACE 250 c some improvements. It’s a new model of metal detector, which uses cutting-edge intelligent solutions in the Japanese original Fuji 32CPU scheme for conversion and digital signal processing. Metal detector MD 3010II is fully automated […]

garrett euroace metal detector

Garrett Ace 350 Euro metal detector review

EuroACE Metal detector has improved discrimination scale for more accurate tuning out of the debris and a higher operating frequency (8.25 kHz) compared with its predecessor. This makes it more suitable to search for color purposes, with significant improvement of sensitivity to small objects. The appliance comes with a new coil of 8 1/2 x […]

treker gc-1016a metal detector

consumer reports best metal detectors for gold

Product description: metal detector GC-TREKER 1016A is a semi-professional model with waterproof search coil, 165 mm in diameter, through which you can search for metals in soil, and in shallow water. Allows you to recognize hardware to a depth of 16 cm. Two modes of detection: the All metal mode searches all kinds of metals, […]

ground efx swarm mx200e metal detector

metal detector Ground EFX MX100E

Metal detector has all necessary settings: ground balance, sensitivity, volume control, discrimination and illumination. sound indication for different metals. Equipped with LCD screen, which displays information about the probable type of metal found as well as depth to it. Metal detector Ground EFX MX200E is the perfect complement for any treasure hunter, being able to […]

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