Underground dwellers

Underground dwellers Peoples of colour blue residing underground Does it make sense that Are actually internal world and listed date Facts and historical events ancient and contemporary emphasizes the existence of this human world people procedure (Old tunnel “rkensan” in Arkansas) A team of 12 ventured Finder in the old tunnel crossing the Arkansas … […]

The fact gold

The history of gold mining in the United States

The fact gold100 genuine gold for people who want to buy gold and investors, both had a desire to invest   Money 1-gold is money   2. Gold is a chemical element   3. the atomic number of gold is 79   4. garage used in gold currency and instrument in the jewelry industry and […]

Sandal to search for gold

  Sandal to search for gold   More news-Jordan news Jordan: If you want to do something different and you like adventure, you can acquire one of the newest and most exciting sandals, sandal treasure hunt ‘ Treasure Seeker’s Sandals ‘. It seems like every form of sandals sea especially when layered with pants jeans, […]

Laser devices

Laser devices These are devices based on thermal measurement theory, so these devices bkais thermal differences between objects. And are inspired by the apparatuses for measuring of temperature in cars, factories and other … According to the speech resource that gold with high heat conductivity, heat stores longer than the remaining objects and even other […]

Dowsing rods

طريقة استخدام اسياخ النحاس للبحث عن الذهب

Dowsing rods The art of dowsing has been around for centuries, even millennia. The oldest forms of divination known to man, and has been used for a variety of reasons, including the search for groundwater, the discovery of an unmarked grave sites and determining the sex of the unborn child and even locate ghosts. How […]

Archaeological sites in Jordan

Touristy places in Jordan Very beautiful area is one of the seven wonders of Peter As Petra Petra is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and is the most beautiful archaeological sites in Jordan where the Nabateans inhabited in 400 BC and was the capital at the time Also called the pink […]

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