Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt

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Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest in the world and is the most advanced social order for the time .

At the heart of the ancient Egyptian civilization is on the fertility of the Nile. Egyptians lived in the valley of the river and the water source used to develop agriculture.

Who possessed the power of the Nile, which had great significance for the people also drove and sources of agricultural and trade in Egypt. Thus pharaohs established its powerful branch.

The narrow shape of the Nile Valley does not permit extension of residential units and thus formed a civilization that was composed of small towns and villages . This factor also strengthened the power of the Pharaoh.

The first Egyptian Pharaoh king Menes . He was the first around the 3rd century BC brings Egypt into a single political entity . The term pharaoh was originally used for the place where the Lord lived , but over the years established itself as the title of kings .

Pharaohs were accepted as reflections of deities , and the overall management of the country is concentrated in their hands. They had such power that they could command whatever they want . Considered a holy being and over time, they began to believe that they are gods. Most of the pharaohs were brutal, oppressive and ruthless.

One of the most famous and powerful pharaoh Ramses the Great. He achieved many outright victories among his enemies , and his successors have called it “the great father .” He lived to 90 years, making it one of the longest lived long pharaohs .

Ramses is the opposite of Tutankhamun . He died at age 19 and became known only after the discovery of his tomb , because of their management leaves no footprint . Namely after the discovery of his tomb began to talk about the curse of the pharaoh . This is the only intact royal tomb discovered from ancient Egypt.

There are many mysteries in Egypt, who make this country one of the most interesting in the world. Pharaohs and their power and ancient secrets, impressive pyramids arouse interest for centuries .