Pictorial devices for metal detecting and gold

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Pictorial devices for metal detecting and gold
Let me start this objective to give you my personal experience with pictorial devices that depict the Earth as they say knowing I don’t anyone absolutely committed “my device, but this objective stems
Only advice only so no brothers no praise and anxiety.
My brothers,
Some figurative devices and repeat each other and do not all figurative devices more unrelated to reality in that these devices are the following:
1. the Earth’s thermal imaging that perception is everything in the ground heat gain such as various types of rocks thus gives you the device there is a degree of redness
High ground so the device marks a significant underground metal but in truth there is no metal but simply rocks gained heat from the Sun
The device in error
2. the device contains pictures ready in its memory if you photographed a region similar in nature to the image stored within the device
The device immediately “gives you a ground stored preset” inside here is a prospector errors:
A. either the image stored there is reference to a metal important so device gives you depth and begin drilling and thus begins a journey of purgatory where digs as could hope
There is a target, up to the specified depth and not NetBIOS “absolutely” have wasted money and time as well as fatigue and hard effort by working
And don’t forget my brother Karim mental state that dropping to the bottom because the device failed and he did not point to any target.
B. either the device has given you a picture that is stored without any goal while land can be the reality where mysteries so lets the device Earth
And doesn’t work out because she thought “no target” lost it objective investigator treasure-trove.
Dear brothers, this objective does not mean any name of any device at all but this just objective of inclusiveness and advice only knowing that during
Practical exploration missions we have been using huge capacity devices you can see through what’s on the ground with high precision and advanced technology.

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