Processing of smart homes e-markets for digital products

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Processing of smart homes e-markets for digital products
Processing of smart homes e-markets for digital products

Simplified picture shows the potential of the console of “Aniston” method of linking computer, illuminations with the possibility of linking all smart devices to the same console in different ways.


Simplified picture shows the potential of the console of “Aniston” method of linking computer, illuminations with the possibility of linking all smart devices to the same console in different ways.
Global requirements escalated to activate systems smart homes through awareness and knowledge among architectural organizations and technology companies, which would rotate the economic movement in the area of digital home/smart, and reach maximum energy saving and the well-being of the residents of those homes, and make the most of communications and information technologies and products that reflect the value of the concept of the information society.


In East Asia has moved one of the largest Indian technology companies in coordination with the architectural firms to provide smart home services, founded on traditional homes or new homes worth thousands of dollars, and in Korea finished the five-year plan, which began in 2008 with access to more than 150,000 home smart.


Gulf front company ” any home uttomaishn “that market smart homes will rise during the next four years to 300,000 homes and real estate depends entirely on technique.
The home page of the site “smart home dot com”. And apparently left a list of image categories and smart  home systems can be purchased.


Either locally is highlighted local obstacles facing those wishing to build smart homes lack of awareness of the cognitive systems contractors/almamarine about smart homes, according to a study prepared by the engineer Hamad Luhaidan for master’s degree in architecture and planning from King Saud University, it was clear that lack of experience and its application to design
Seriously; buildings are major reasons for the lack of contact with modern techniques of many houses.


In the same context contributed to smart houses products launched by a number of international companies such as Aniston, control immediately, and Cisco Connected Real Estate system, enhancing the operational performance of large buildings and reduce the effects of the consumption of energy and the provision of services, and integrate with other technical systems such as power systems and lighting control, audio, communications and VOIP telephone network system and supply management information and links the central computer system, as well as to control the Internet and spread.


However, the variation in potential equipment to run smart homes, make a lot of those wishing to build their houses lose their own smart home after arrival products for large buildings and massive requires provided large amounts of cash for business purposes.


Digital homes concept


The main idea is to convert traditional home to intelligent/digital achievement possible infrastructure across interconnected products and complementary system can interact with the control through the three steps which include the purchase and installation, programming and operation of all devices to access by smart homes.
“Control immediately after” the control systems can concurrently with “altabelt” and “Android operating systems” and “Apple”.


Come on top of those steps connect the internal network in the home LAN type executed all ports and connecting to a computer as a network, the second of these steps is searching for “smart” devices to be acquired in a smart home, the last step is to look for the most appropriate complementary systems that operate as “user interfaces” and is compatible with devices to be acquired, which enables the user to work with the smart home and its services as lighting and window air conditioners and others.


Smart devices and complementary systems


The most important pillars measure smart home products and smart devices selected for transition to smart home or building, consolidation and integration of systems and equipment to control, through the establishment of a network of “Viper” or “UTB” endpoints for the devices to be installed via network link such as “router”, and linking that network with computers to enable control all parts of the services provided by these products and smart devices, such as digital cameras, and lights inside and outside the home, and door locks, screens, air conditioning, and media players And security and safety equipment, the internal network can be linked to the Internet to download movies to watch, or send pictures or remote control.


And all of these devices can be purchased through electronics fairs or advanced techniques in this area or websites, there are some devices to your wireless network and wired networks, as the infrastructure is set up, the control devices are flexible to accept wired and wireless devices.


To control all smart devices that are linked by intranet home, via Web alkiabl directly or through USB ports, or by analogy, a complementary program requires connecting to the network to control all hardware details via interactive touch screens are a number of control functions such as (running, firefighter, modify … Etc) for smart devices deployed in the home, and connect to the network to a computer database and main server.
And supports some screens with wireless controllers “remote control” simplified can be carried and move around the room to control the functions of smart devices.
Telephone waltabelt controllers
There are many programs and hardware controllers, however, chose those units that operate under computer software is more appropriate, as it is easier for maintenance and technical support, to strengthen products and smart devices to the Internet, for example system Aniston INSTEON prices exceeding $ 300 almost connect and smart device control with the computer, the system contains concrete devices solutions such as screens and accessories support, programs and applications are loaded on the computer connected to the network, and is controlled by the screens and the services of the computer by the application will appear The desktop can handle all home lighting services to water and other smart products installed at home.
Some of the other controllers that support synchronization with altabelt and Windows operating systems and Apple and Android, such as controllers of control once the Control4, and supports wireless control computer smart devices via download synchronization of electronic stores for Android operating systems, Apple, visit online economic daily to watch the clip from YouTube for a minute and a half to coincide with appliances and control units.
It is now possible for anyone who owns a House traditionally or are building home to supply all systems and solutions and products from many sites and installed by some specialists in charge of connecting network devices, all smart devices to convert the home to intelligent, it offers products classified according to the requirements, and provides systems integration across programs and controllers, as it appears that the purchase of all connections and cables, and a special classification of security cameras, including automatic door locks, home phones IP Tele type and VOIP, Another section for lighting, amplifiers and audio sensors and heat sensors, and features a large number of digital products that can be used in smart homes and varying prices, it also provides direct technical support to fix the errors by remote communication and access devices repair and programming applications, i.e. anyone can visit the site and purchase equipment and linked through meshes and technicians run and contact them for technical support to programming and definition of smart devices to the network to handle via consoles throughout the home.


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