Professional metal detector Minelab E-Trac basic

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Professional metal detector Minelab E-Trac basic.

Minelab has made a new step in the production of metal detectors . This metal detector is a new high-tech development firm Minelab, which uses an exclusive search engine multi-frequency technology known to users of metal detectors to detectors Explorer series. Also this model will please you the following innovations: a light coil, enhanced control panel, a simple menu, large LCD screen, clear and streamlined design, lots of customizable options.

Professional metal detector Minelab E-Trac basic



E-Trac is a breakthrough in the industry of metal detectors. Minelab first developers the world’s first USB interface in the detector, this made it possible to manage the appliance from a PC, IE: change settings, programs and the operating mode.


Technological innovations embedded in the E-Trac metal detectors, makes possible in normal soil and in areas with high levels of salinity (sea water, beach, wet sand the salty sand, soil ) when selecting detector model E-Trac, you find the possibility of combining the beneficial work and recreation in nature and become a successful Hunter of jewelled.


The technology used in metalldetektor E-TRAC basic.


The device can operate at 28-mi frequencies ranging from 1.5 kHz to 100. The analysis produces a powerful microprocessor. It promotes accurate discrimination of purpose, determination of conductance (CO) and a number of iron (FE) in the object.


The metal is used a two-dimensional type of discrimination Smart find  that determines and displays the conductivity and the amount of iron in the goal.


These technologies provide:


• Increase in detection depth


• Increased the sensitivity of the device


• Reducing exposure to sources of electromagnetic radiation on detector


• A detailed description of the objects


Software E-TRAC Xchange


ETXchange-provides the ability to store masks discrimination and settings of your metal detector on your PC.


Now you can not be afraid of losing good combinations of settings, as can save them on your computer for how much memory will last and create a library of them. The most successful detector settings you can share with your friends.


Special features of E-Trac


• Create and send in a detector masks discrimination and tweaks thanks to special software EXchange


• Lite 11-inch DD coil


• Mask discrimination Quick Mask  allows you to perform a quick check with independent tweak by conductance and quantity of iron without creating complex masks


• A detailed description of the type of discrimination provides a two-dimensional Smart find .


• New location scale discrimination has greatly facilitated the readability of information about object


• 3-sensitivity modes – the «hand», «auto» + new mode «assumed»


• Expanded the range of volume control threshold from 1 to 50, allowing you to more accurately address the interference


• Exact location Exactly purpose helps identify “target acquisition” with the tone and digital identity


• 4 search mode «Beach», «coins», «relics», «Littered ground “


• Personal settings are carried out in 4 modes


• For use on soils with high salinity category a special Complex primers


• “Littered ground”-feature, which specializes in work in garbage soils


• Very easy to manage, because it has an intuitive menu and ergonomic keyboard


• Increased the size of the display – (72 mm x 48 mm) and improved resolving power


Minelab supplies kits e-TRAC


Base: metal detector, telescopic, 11-inch dd coil (loaded), mounting screws, battery compartment


Standard: metal detector, telescopic, 11-inch dd coil (loaded), mounting screws, batteries, charger, battery, headphones KOSS.