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References & burials
References of significance are divided into six sections:
Random reference:
They are all references placed on rock meant spatial envelope, i.e. usable at the same time it is e.g. terracotta pots and other, this reference is renowned in all civilizations in history, the greatest example of this reference are individual oil mill was manufactured in rock is a large mortar hurt small and Jorn then smaller and this reference manual in maasara called semiotics and burials, hence the random signals are used for Individual and non-dvaenih, the second type of references are indicative and reference are often top thread that starts it analyst and expert, and are always large and not with any other signal also called terminology Department of Antiquities, antiquities experts refer in its cherished orphan about having other references should be looking for, and this reference often far from waltthbitih signage is “twenty” metres more or less by civilization and period Time and the task because it finds researcher mostly at the beginning of the search.
Piecemeal reference:
A huge sign in terms of meaning and form, and this reference is called map in burials and flag signals, the size is large and contains a lot of semantic references and guidelines, which the facility may be measurements or words or a lot of algeron and signals and lines, and this signal very useful references for researchers and experts, is a realistic area description, explain the expert places containing graves and accommodation, these indicate that burials and experts looking for signs to see precious place of Where is precious, and this reference you need time and effort to interpret and analyze when Allie degree analysis of this reference it is learn from this science has sufficient wealth for fatigue and digging useless.
Pseudo reference:
These refer the most serious signs, that makes most experts make mistakes in the last part of the goal of access to the trove, after that point and expert analyses to target other signal sent to find another place to move away from the trove and don’t bring him after hitting him and was left with only some deep-seated centimeters, and here comes the role of expert and its worth, most experts in the Arab world but, especially the civilizations that did not use magic to protect the trove was used This method often hide.
Reference: altthbitih
Which are placed very close to the goal, and often are very regular in their modus operandi and composition, authority and column in hidden tent where this reference part of the trove and very precious in terms of meaning and may have sarkhasa and sold with its hidden, there are many cases where the reference altthbitih trove key where there is a rock consisting of Charoen map and wersmat flows represent either animals or birds or reptiles, have This map piecemeal Gorn CSS and this reference altthbitih trove contains the key, and there are mysteries be opened if removed from content Gorn CSS.
Reference guidelines “footprint”:
Which give shape to the direction that should be pursued, and the size is fairly small and this is what distinguishes it from the rest of the references are often attached with most references may be reference guidelines Sial, arrow, or a small hole in a different color and is in many ways too.
The burials are not only bashart signs and conditions cannot be overlooked such as reference mark on the fixed stone immobile and not moved from its place. and that the reference is valid and is not broken because they had crashed to eliminating the benefit, where the evidence if staff change guide does not become proof of deep-seated and not fit Guide for reference, and should not increased or decreased because of increases and decreases, leading to an error in measurement, the result is incorrect.
Burials Judaism:
Jewish mysteries featuring many stone graves and especially, since they very technique in dig graves and put their mortal and where buried with him, but other burials separate from graves.
Ottoman burials, divided into two sections:
Military burials or leadership: great quantity and this trove takes military formalized during burial and burial and method signatures and mapping and delivered to military leadership after the flags and signs on the Earth to see the area buried.
Hidden singles: Ottoman this trove is individually for a specific person has buried his wealth and status signals and special signs or want to place map hidden, often not large trove of command or military.
The joint between the two burials:
This type is a Devin Osmani over Devin Rummy or Jew and this signals and signs, signals and signs understood that here buried two each.

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