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rent metal detector
Detectors for rent
Take a metal detector hire us, Amnesty International company. Provide a service for the first time in Bulgaria!
Based on our experience in our common hobby metal detectors, we can identify four main cases where people hire detector:
· To find a missing or ornament from home;
· To find treasure village “‘;
· Wanted to try the treasure, as such, without serious investments;
· To test your metal detector to take a final decision on the purchase.
Below we will look at these cases and share recommendations. We’ll start with the last option.
With the purchase of one or another logical detection to test it out in practice. That usually means resorting to experienced researchers who know exactly what they want from the detector. This will not hamper the advice. If you need tips on choosing a metal detector.
Let’s go back to our “lost” ring, “family treasure” and “just try it.”
The motherboard of these three cases, if you are a beginner in this hobby does not hire detectors cost and complexity.
We believe in the absence of substantial field experience in you, and will show the results of the cost will be better than any class lower nugget. For example, in the first test of our GPX-4500, we have not been able to reach 50% of their capacity. The cheapest control detectors usually have just enough. To get acquainted with them usually reach our educational testing and 10-15 minutes.
If you lost a ring or other ornament will work in most cases, Garrett ACE 250 and F2 Fischer. If the ornament is a series or has very little in size, the better job you can do search MINELAB X-Terra 705 or MINELAB E-Trac. Each of the four devices is very easy to manage, but two dozens of professional settings. If you plan to create a “Grandpa’s treasure”, we recommend that you opt for metal detectors MINELAB X-Terra 705, E-MINELAB Truk, Garrett GTI 2500 with deep link. Just want to point out that the mythology of “treasure” in every Bulgarian family 2 J. If you plan to just try it, what is this metal detecting to shop around with a metal detector near your home or in the field, you will approach each elementary level detector. If you plan to take a look at the beach, and chose MINELAB MINELAB E X-705 or Tera-Trak.