Review of Metal Detector Fisher F2

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Review of Metal Detector Fisher F2


Basic specifications and comments.

Fisher F2 detector Excellent for beginners , low cost compared with other metal detectors , a calories with accessories for about $ 439 , is a special detector permission for beginners and experienced, lightweight and easy to use , adjustable arm .

We continue to deal with models of metal detectors and today we move on to the metal detector Fisher F2 – an entry – level instrument for beginners who want to try their hand at finding a way to understand what if it works for them it is a hobby or not. Company Products Fisher proved to be excellent , and many treasure hunters use metal detectors Fisher.

So, what Fisher F2, and its main characteristics .

Review of Metal Detector Fisher F2
Review of Metal Detector Fisher F2


The main characteristics of the detector Fisher F2

It features automatic ground balance environment , and without loss of sensitivity . Manual settings on the ground there is a minus .

Pinpointer – present , helps accurately locate the target. Align goals – a necessary function for beginners excavators , treasure hunters more experienced rarely used Pinpointing.

Discrimination – several modes, you can go to the ” all-metal ” as well as a mask to prevent unwanted objects . Very good feature for metal detectors at the entry level .

LCD monitor makes it easy to search contains 8 segments for purposes of identification .

Determine the nature you can find on a numerical scale 0-99 .

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review


Shows the depth of the target in a digital format , which is very convenient . For example, a metal detector MINELAB – as it shows the depth by arrows.

Since most of the excavators are looking for coins by ear , then Fisher F2 does not disappoint in this regard. 4 colors will help you to understand what is under the coil detector . Objective response is very fast , so it looks very comfortable , swing often .

The only drawback , in my opinion , is the strength of detect Fischer F2 , which carried out using two batteries type ” crown .”

Comes with a standard one- reel 20 cm and by the way , it is possible to attach more than one pump for Neil coil 12 * 13 , in order to promote a substantial increase in depth.

Of indisputable advantages – very lightweight, only 1.2 kg . Perhaps because of this purchase Fisher F2 often Fisher F2 for women and children , if treasure hunting is a hobby for the whole family . This , for me , very nice to go to the country as a family , waving sticks , digging coins.

The approximate depth of 30 cm coins

As you can see , the depth of a small , but what needs to be done , because it must play a financial instrument in something more expensive models . If you want to increase the depth of research – Develop for Neil coil 12 * 13 inches .

Therefore, to conclude – a metal detector Fisher F2 is ideal for novice hunters , they can be successfully search for coins in the fields, and on the beach . Low price of $ 439 , and a large function makes this metal detector in line with the best tools for beginners. Let’s compare the 2 devices at this level – Ice 250 and Fisher F2.

Comparison of metal detectors Fisher F2 and attic ACE 250

Newcomers to choose a metal detector often ask the question – what is the best tool , ACE 250 or Fisher F2 . Question is justified , because the characteristics of these devices are almost identical , there is only a slight difference in the ” ease of use” . Each device has its pros and cons , let ‘s face it .

Both devices are downsides – high sensitivity for the power line and mobile calls . Therefore, when you walk with ACE 250 and with Fischer F2 – then turn off mobile phones .

The depth of detection of both devices is the same, at least judging by the excavators and other devices. Of course , Fisher F2 less than 250 ace , and perhaps this is the reason why most of the excavators tend to ACE .

Value of the devices are also on the same level.

The only thing – the batteries to keep Fisher F2 is less need to charge more often .

If we compare Fisher F2 with the ACE 250 – there is not much difference . If we compare with the ACE 150 , and the difference is clear, although the price as well .

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