Review of the white metal detector MXT Pro

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Review of the white metal detector MXT Pro

We continue to deal with the metal detectors , the precise selection of the best metal detectors and plagued by many of the diggers , and you choose the best detector for yourself today , and I spend an overview of the white metal detectors MXT Pro – proved an improved version of it whites MXT. In the Pro version added a lot of the right , and this is the way , in 2011 – and a brand new unit , and it has many positive reviews about his speed and great discriminator . Improvements and added – in a number of audio tones , you can now set better goals (7 tones instead of two ) , and added to the nominal coil and the largest backlight . And more famous , so it’s a precise definition (discrimination) goals, and in fact discriminatory need to search high quality and efficiency. And signal processing speed – as is the case in height. Here is a handsome revealed .

Diggers who are going to buy the metal , most often compare him with such famous models and known metal detectors , Deus XP and MINELAB E- track. Each of these detectors – professional hardware and white MXT Pro  practice them in the search properties . The only thing – the depth suddenly rivals , but both can Vayts “udelat” quality of the discriminator . This means that of great separates the ferrous , non – ferrous metals , and can be located and objectives very close. It also shows the possibility of iron targets as a percentage. Good move.

Review of the white metal detector MXT Pro


To improve the search performance of the detector used by search upgrade files , will be as diverse as allowing for optimal site selection for all parties.

Whites MXT Pro Metal Detector Coin Test

Most often, to upgrade from the company to buy coil Detech, and a lot of positive reviews excavators. Nominal coil – to 12 – inch single , nice to look at high trash areas , completely separating debris and dig less, not missing in this purpose interesting. In general, the nominal grade metal detectors ” sharpening” to search for small targets , and can be understood even from the frequency with which the device works – 14 kHz. However , the main objective is to see also good , but compared with other detectors , they then give odds MXT Pro . Judging by the comments from the search engines, and the use of this device , it is very good , to search for garbage and small targets . And if it works with the relevant search coil , and then he called the ground search majority of devices in its class .

Detech 10 * 14 DD – to increase the area of ​​capture ( mopping ) – Conference of the Parties in the fields, for a total exploration area, coil grab a lot , so the scanning speed is to increase the search for a new site significantly. And a maximum depth of no more than a lot. Also good for soil mineral , although usually every DD coil from the fact that different mineralization unilateral act in a manner more consistent .
And yes, you need to add , if I decided to put this file , it is best to buy pinpointer, because sometimes people are digging a huge hole , with a focused goal here is worse than with single – coil .

9.5 inch mono white – great for knocking reel potential garbage sites . But of course we understand that the depth of detection will limp. This file is a regular on white beginner devices .

10-inch detech DD – will be the best staff , will still be more DD coil suddenly , especially in the rear, with a total scan more land in some cases. Make many of these standard coil , the coil makes Detech not still very good.

13 “DD detech in the end – even a gorgeous one good option for fishing the beach anyway , and this revealed – . Search for beach nearly perfect many this purpose Detech Ultimeyt the coil seems.

14 “DD – giving you a greater depth and scope of the search to find the large ancient treasures .

Whites MXT Pro


General characteristics :

So, a little bit of search features , to familiarize themselves with the device:
Frequency 14 kHz
Discrimination – graphics and sound , thanks to the this discriminator almost any errors in setting goals . Buy MXT Pro only because of the discriminator , which is really good.
Has 16 segments in the chart , and three of the size of the index by which to judge the size of the target , in addition to all of this goes number of VDI . This is discrimination ” cool .”
Pinpointer have
There are background threshold that needs to be installed so that it was barely audible . Therefore it is better to work through headphones. Background threshold allows the device to “see” the end is very deep .
Ground mode – 3 types ( auto, manual and adjustment)
Set of ( deleted) targets unwanted
Power – eight AA batteries
Detector weight – 1.9 kg

The appearance of the metal detector is similar to her older sister – white spectra V3I , design and one – to – one . Spectrum praise stronger , the battery is located under the Pro elbow MXT .



The device is, has a great discriminator, a huge collection of all kinds of search coil through which you can not only increase the depth and breadth of the land, but also improve the accuracy of small things.And recommends that the metal detector in the first place for beach fishing, in the old days it was also very good, but that will need to be retrofitted with the search additional files for nominal 12 “mono certain depth does not give up will treasures can be difficult to access.But if you put the coil 10 * 14 “DD Detech, who paid tribute to the search engines, then it will increase the amount of land that have been scanned and depth a bit more compared to the coil securities. With all this discriminator brilliant will be on your head above excavators with applicants not only hardware, but even professional. metals worth, I advise you to pay attention, if you can spend to purchase a quantity of metal.