rf Radio Frequency detector reviews

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rf Radio Frequency detector reviews


RF detector . RF technology

RF Radio Frequency . Two box. This specialized type of metal detector is used for deep search of objects and mineral deposits. An object is considered to be relatively large if its surface area more than 500 sq cm What could it be ? Pipes , trunks, boxes , parts of the lost equipment and ore veins .

For deep search metal detectors are also used pulse with a larger diameter search coil . These devices also have a large detection depth , but it is not comparable with the depth of detection technologies for RF.

As a rule , the treasures and the chambers of deliberately buried to a considerable depth . Neutral with a metal detector search coil can not find the goal .

RF detector can not distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, does not feel small targets (such as coins ) at a shallow depth . Small metal garbage does not interfere with the search. The device has a high stability .

Features settings and search for this metal detector differ from search using a universal instrument c one search coil.

rf Radio Frequency detector reviews

rf Radio Frequency detector reviews

Design and operation of the metal detector for RF technology

After RF detector based on the principle of inductive balance diversity receiving and transmitting coil space. In the working position of the device one coil is arranged parallel to the surface , perpendicular to the other .

The transmitter coil emits electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 12-82 kHz, and the receiving coil receives the reflected signal from the metal target . The instrument detects changes in the electrical ground over which it carried through .

How to make a Metal Detector



Then the signal through the analyzer is displayed on the display unit (audio or visual signals .) The coils are made of two search heads, which are rigidly connected to each other at a distance of 50 bar – 100 cm Dimensions of coils about 30x40cm .

Detection depth RF detector 1 – 9m . Increasing the depth of the detection performed by the diversity transmission and reception coils in the space . There are also customization features and deep search metal detector in mind that this is a specialized type of metal detector .