Rome city of seven hills

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Rome city of seven hills
Rome was founded on a series of hills so you know the city of the seven hills of those hills hills Capitol, Tel alaventin, Tel altaibr Platinum River was a means of communication between Rome and the sea
Tyrrhenian site has created a good opportunity for the average Rome to govern the western coast of Italy as well as the location to make them a station between northern and southern Italy.
Noteworthy here is that Rome is called the city of the seven hills, it did not include the seven all hills on the Eastern Bank of the river but the last vialshtar age of the Republic, and researchers that Rome itself in Central Italy and the supervision of the Tiber had enabled it to operate freely in all directions and expansionist objectives achieved thanks to the determination and big ambitions and delivery of successful policies in its relations with opponents even have condemned the Italian peninsula and advise me in this the re d says“If Rome location in central peninsula crucial to extend her reign her in the high population of the peninsula and its location in the Mediterranean Sea is not less important in establishing the rule of Rome to the world of this sea that Rome had control over the peninsula until her location and abundance of combatants who were under its command to address their opponents one after the other at appropriate times and build its empire almtramihalatarav.”
And there is a near agreement that Rome in 753 b.c. to be mostly fortified castle to defend the Latins against the aggression of alatroskine living north of nhraltiber and maybe not this city only point guard front in that ancient Rome that I mnnshah around a lot of legends.

Rome city of seven hills

Myths surrounding the origins of Rome
The first myth: Dr. Ibrahim advise me in writing the history of the Romans “since ancient times until the year 133 b.c.”, part I other causes for the emergence of Rome as a build machine may God v when the Romans but months mythology says that Aeneas, a Trojan war between Greeks and city folks about the beginnings of the 12th century b.c., ran away after the fall of his city and the gap then settled by the sea on the North African coast at the same place of the later Phoenician and Punic colony there is Queen Dido that fell in love Unmatched as a Latin Poet Virgil in his epic the wonderful alaniadh but abandoned it had only that committed suicide and it continued its journey to the coast of Italy and easy hostel Latium and subjected the tribes and founded the city of Lavinium and then founded the city of Alba Longa and clear him, after the centuries created one of his grandsons, named rmolos of Rome before the 4th century BC.
The second myth: the Romans adopted the myth was a combination of fiction Romans and Greeks together, and before the end of the 4th century b.c. yielded several Roman myth legends that God may God Rome Sentinel fathered illegitimate daughter of the King of albalonga twins claim the rumuz wermolos and thrown in the Tiber but thanks to Providence shot seawater children to the beach started to suck them Lupus found patron named vaostolos, commissioned the parentage when it established the Rome place later and when rmolos established Tel balatinos colony provided men wives having been abducted from alsabini group they descend on Tel koerinalis or rumuz it tried to establish a colony on Tel avninos but did not succeed in his attempt.

Third myth: Troy legend that after a wermolos and reached an rumuz masculinity resided rmolos colony
Tel Latinos while brother rumuz create other colony on Tel alaventin but did not succeed in his attempt, amaalmshklh faced rmolos when creating the colony is the lack of women and think of a solution to the problem and the Festival demonstrated to mark the establishment of the colony and called the abuse one another tribe members attending the Festival and met these advocacy and brought with them their wives and their sons and daughters in اثناءالاحتفال rmolos and flicked his fellow Commissioners presented to girls the abuse one another and seized them after the return of the curse one another home they took control of anger and gunning for revenge and retrieve their daughters when the akmlwaastadadhm moved to Rome to fight Rmolos and his men but the alsabiniat who were the wives of Roman rise up between the two sides and prevented war between husbands and fathers and after that the Romans and the curse one another became friends to it and perpetuate this myth established Roman sculpture in bronze and the others in the General market square in Rome in 296 b.c. Lupus statue represents Lupaca-pitolina suckling two children.

Other legends about the origins of Rome: the Greeks made input in the novels mentioned on the origins of Rome has a long history in the art of creating legendary novels, said that established the city of Rome to the hero Aeneas of Troy, who fled after the fall of the Trojan and that an important destination for long to cheapen a pilgrim in the territory of Latium where King and his wife welcomed daughter and two grandchildren wermolos rumuz Ignace from Latin Princess has immortalized this story Latin Poet Virgil in his epic brilliant Alaniadh, seen from all those myths woven around the origins of Rome they agree that rmolos is who founded Rome but differ about its origins some return to Italy and others to Greece and others to the Trojan. 
Rome city of seven hills
If we let the myths aside, we find that Rome had been established as a centre of advanced defensive about Latinos who inhabited Latium against alatroskine and the inhabitants of Latium region began rub the surrounding peoples especially the Greeks walatroskine who due to credit for progress made by Latinos and cultural mntkodm soon turned into villages to cities surrounded by fences and the almaabdwalklaa system alatroski and z-inhabitants of the territory of Latium in sixth century old looking to increase irrigation works and erection on the system alatroski.
And yet … It is still dark over the fact the origins of Rome and still scientists are turning reveal the secrets of the eternal city to be based entirely on mythology without physical evidence supports the existence of some evidence supporting some fairly novels …And on it, reveal the secrets of this city that ruled the world for so long will continue to haunt is for historians and researchers are unknown.