Saxo Bank: goods lost momentum because of the chasm and the strength of the dollar clung to its price higher

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it’s possible that this statement is suggesting a scenario where certain goods or commodities lost momentum in their price appreciation due to various factors such as a significant gap or divergence in market conditions or due to the dollar’s strength maintaining higher prices.

The strength of the dollar can indeed influence various markets and commodities. When the dollar is strong, it can impact the prices of goods, especially commodities traded in dollars like gold or oil. A stronger dollar might make these goods more expensive for buyers using other currencies, potentially leading to a slowdown in demand or a reduction in price momentum.

Saxo Bank: goods lost momentum because of the chasm and the strength of the dollar clung to its price higher

The first week of December, losing many markets some of the positive momentum it had in last November, not least because of persistent concerns about us fiscal cliff — or can be defined by the economic impact of a number of laws (if changed) can lead to enormous tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to take effect at the end of 2012, early 2013 and the resulting reduction in the federal budget deficit for the year 2013-which last date approached.

Security investment in gold Saxo Bank: goods lost momentum because of the chasm and the strength of the dollar clung to its price higher

If the situation remains unresolved, the question of the urgent budget will lead to huge reductions in spending and increases in taxes, which would bring the US economy-and perhaps the world-again into recession. Europe which are already in a recession, they are struggling to see much light at the end of the tunnel after the European Central Bank cut its forecast for growth in the eurozone in 2013 to less than 0.3 percent. The effects of this reduction to continue the European Central Bank cut interest rates in the near term, and helped to further depreciation of the euro against the US dollar, thereby removing subsidies on goods priced in dollars.


Worst performing energy sector

Publication of the main indicators for goods reported negative returns during the week leading to the continuation of the performance for the period from the beginning of the year to date swinging around zero. Industrial metals saw a strong recovery in recent weeks requested support-primarily from improved economic data from China, the largest consumer in the world. This is now the worst performing sector and energy has created-primarily affect index performance of the standard & poor’s and Goldman Sachs, with a display of approximately 70 percent of the sector. As precious metals are moving step-by-step along agriculture, with the latter pay only and almost entirely by strong performance of major crops like wheat, corn and soybeans.

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Soybeans recover from intense selling at low prices in November

Appeared to perform individual goods home, very little has been able to achieve positive returns, especially soybean prices began to recover from the intense selling at low prices in the month of November — the period during which he was to participate in the many purchases by directors of funds amounted to more than half. Main image returned recently about appearing on it may be supportive crop in South America is low because of bad weather. At the same time, American exports of us soybeans picked up her breath still under the risk of disability due to low water levels in the Mississippi River, and is the main transport route from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Gasoline-worst performing energy

The four goods that are now bottom of the entire performance of the energy sector and petrol was the worst of them, following a weekly data on stockpiles jumped stocks jump was the biggest since the terrorist attacks in New York City on 9/11. This decline helped motorists to take advantage of lower prices for retail gasoline in the United States to their lowest levels since 5 months. And again, this paradigm shift in global energy supply due to increased production of advanced production methods in the United States will have a profound impact on competitiveness between regions and countries — with maximum use of American industry and consumers of lower prices for crude oil and gas.


Precious metals go down first and foremost silver

Precious metals sector continued to suffer from some slack trading with thin trading of gold and silver throughout the week, while Palladium continues to recovery over the entire month on the back of expectations that the structural deficit. The performance of the silver is good, with the price of an ounce of gold more than 51.8 oz of silver. Gold trading price was less than 1,700 dollars per ounce, but received support from comments by European Central Bank President where possible reduction of eurozone rate early in the new year; however, the feeling is that many of the traders either through futures-especially ETFs-may they incline to refrain from adding anything about prevailing attitudes or even reduce exposure as the end of the year, which creates some headwinds that may affect The gold and silver which may last until late December.

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Saxo Bank: goods lost momentum because of the chasm and the strength of the dollar clung to its price higher

The Federal open market Committee might increase support

Precious metals entered in more weak points on Friday after the us jobs report for November, which turned out to be stronger than expected unemployment rate continued to decline. This report is the latest of this year and is the latest indicator that precedes the final meeting of the US Federal Reserve to 2012, to be held on Dec. 12.

Because of this factor, the greater the prospects for additional quantitative easing measures, which will be announced at this meeting to be held on the day of the month of December. Turning market talk at the moment about the twist that completion whereby the Federal Reserve sold short-term bonds to buy long-term maturities, and may be replaced wholly or partially by using the conventional bond purchases. This action would increase the effectiveness of the programme printed money in third round of quantitative easing launched last September. If the statement to this effect, it may retry with an urgent need for gold and silver, and should provide more support to the belief that gold is still has good potential to rise. The growing uncertainty accompanied by a decrease in liquidity will make two very difficult from the point of view of the business. You can find the main area of support between 1672 and 1661 dollars per ounce–last fall and the rate move for 200 days, while resistance at Fibonacci levels of 1711 and 1728.

Crude oil prices drop because of abundant supplies and the dollar

Both prices (Brent and WTI) further decline during the week though that report improved us jobs has helped to cushion the landing. Generally, the higher the dollar continue to support while additional selling pressure came from building another weekly us energy stocks, particularly gasoline, which saw the strongest weekly increase since the 9/11 terrorist attack. Another wave of selling because of expectations from the European Central Bank on the Dim growth in Europe that the return to growth may require more time.

Saudi Arabia oil Minister again pleased current prices before the next OPEC meeting in Vienna is expected on Dec. 12. No doubt, OPEC will reduce production, which continued in production at high levels for several months amid signs that global supply now exceeds demand has begun, not least because of the sharp increase in the production of the United States, who now returned to levels not seen for nearly 20 years. Although it is unlikely to happen at this meeting, it is very likely that such an announcement will come during the early part of 2013. Causing this shift in oil markets with the possibility that traditional producers of the gradual loss of their influence. You will be increasing the amount of surplus energy is good for everyone, because it will reduce the volatility of oil prices and likely prevented the price from going up to higher levels in the foreseeable future.

Brent crude oil prices back below $ 108.50 a barrel during the week, and now it is possible to settle at scope around 107 dollars a barrel with the risk that another long year filter led by traders traders once again weighing on prices.