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Search coins without metal detector – Thoughts about purchasing expensive equipment to search for precious metals , coins, military awards and other antiquities – many attended , but agree that deliberately spend large sums of money to buy , say detector middle class can only man with obvious – adventurist character qualities .

Search valuables is realistic and feasible without modern technology , all you need – to know where and how to look .

Though indented kilometers of asphalt and dirt roads that lead to the big and small cities , but still contains currently godforsaken place where the person is a rare visitor .

Comparing old maps with modern – it is quite possible to understand. Many villages , villages and other settlements were eventually abandoned by man for some (most ) important reasons and subsequently germinated weeds , hiding from the eyes of a random traveler , much was left after the life of the people on this earth.

Search coins without metal detector
Search coins without metal detector



Naturally original hint clear

Search antiquities should be conducted on such abandoned areas around homes and directly into them. Last – for lack of a metal detector is more relevant and may justify the effort and energy invested in the search – a couple-three interesting pieces. Even if you can not find the coin past centuries  .

Inside the house, the rules pay attention to a few , shall we say – points this window openings , floors , basement and masonry foundation.

In the old days it was decided to lay a few coins in the corners of the building ( under floorboard ) to fad , to put it in modern terms – it contributed to the fact that the house ” had money ” and the family could be and to live , at least – comfortably .

In some abandoned old houses , the floors are cut , and the boards did not understand how it is done now . In this regard, the angular part preserved , and with it may have remained intact and coins .

Window opening , also has a great deal of interest from the standpoint of finding coins . Copper , and in rare cases, and silver ” roundels ” used to align the board forming the sill , there are cases where the coins fall into this area because of the good old confiding above .

Foundation as a basis for the house is a brickwork.  lasts longer throughout the higher her wooden structure. Treasure hunters , ill numismatics , pay attention to this element of the building – with greater thoroughness , examining every brick , angle, roughness in hopes to find a hiding place .

By the way – copper coins seen in the layer of soil is much easier to rest , the reason for it – patina ( copper oxide , which gives greenish metal) on the back and front side. However, because this is required and subsequent cleaning of copper coins .

Of course, if you can buy a metal detector, or at least some semblance of it – is the best option , allowing primarily reduce the search time and specifically designated area for prospecting works.

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