How to search for gold with a metal detector

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How to search for gold with a metal detector – Metal detectors in search of gold used by professionals and amateurs , and this is done for different purposes : for earnings , entertainment or scientific interest. Overseas interest in instrumentation originated twenty years ago and has not passed yet. First, for such purposes, there used military mine detectors , and now there are highly sensitive devices that use the latest technology.

Find nugget – this untold fortune and great pleasure. This finding is very valuable and beautiful and , in addition to purely mercantile interests , is a fairly informative geological object . So many are looking for gold just because they like the search process itself , which allows to visit different places to test their strength and the ability to much luck .

The assurances of experts nuggets on the ground so much that it will be enough for everyone, so those who devote their time to this pastime , do not hide information , how to find gold with a metal detector . Professionals say that the exposed surface of the nuggets are only in the movies , and some even for long-term practice , saw only one, and then – at the bottom of the creek.

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Find gold , mainly on the surfaces of the dumps , which remained after the industrial development of the fields. There is evidence that the fifties of the last century have been collected and handed over to the state several hundred nuggets. Moreover, they were found when in our country about the existence of such a device as the detector still no one knew .

Now a simple and inexpensive metal detector you can explore the surface layer to a depth of twenty centimeters and it , of course, there is more gold nuggets than on the exposed surface . Of course, if there is an opportunity to ” get ” to a depth of fifty centimeters, there will be still more.

Tips on how to find small treasures
Tips on how to find small treasures

The most advanced modern metal detectors allow you to make findings to a depth of one meter. It certainly enhances the ability to search , but still, for guaranteed success you need to learn to calculate the available depth at which can be nuggets .

Before you look for gold with a metal detector , it is necessary to identify the most promising areas of the search . As a rule , the most reliable place – where previously conducted or being still gold mining in other areas to look for it there’s no sense . In auriferous areas should be searching in small mountain streams where gold can fall from the slopes . The metal has a high density and therefore it gradually accumulates and forms placers .The largest industrial method practiced .

What is the depth of detection- mineralization of soil and hot rocks
What is the depth of detection- mineralization of soil and hot rocks

Bedrock , which are covered with sand and pebbles , and on which is deposited gold, called raft . The main problem in this case to use a metal detector that this is the raft under water at a depth of 2-5 or even more meters. No unit at a depth of gold does not feel , so you have to choose a place where the raft is closer to the surface. In mountain streams such places are in the form of climbing shoes . They were once the bottom of the creek , and then the water broke myself another direction . So, in fractured rock surface is gold, and the metal detector finds it necessary . Device you want to explore the entire surface and the surrounding areas are even high above the water , because they , too, could be the bottom of the river. Also streams have washed away , armed with a metal detector to conduct searches on pebble dumps waste placers .

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