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 Jewelry search mode

A description of the search Jewelry  with a metal detector .

Some models of metal detectors are able to choose the search mode In accordance with certain factory settings. This mode searching for jewelry and jewelry made ​​of silver, gold , platinum and other precious metals of high test . After detector thus is that there are arranged pre- selected and tested in the factory Unit Programmable algorithms that are inherent to determine only those types of signals . Typically this mode is widely used in beach search of gold , as well as in places of recreation (parks , playgrounds , slides , etc.) where you can find a huge amount of lost rings , necklaces , bracelets, earrings. But while in this mode is supported which allows discrimination outset numerous bung signals , iron debris .

A description of the relic with a metal detector .

Like other factory modes are present in the settings of most metal detectors that helps finding valuable relics. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the metal detector analyzes the signals under the special scheme under which only certain distinguished by size and degree of conductivity of the items and that fall into this category . Besides, if this setting is reached discrimination threshold for that would eliminate unnecessary signals such as iron debris , cork, foil and so on.

Function Description chime iron  audio.

search Jewelry  with a metal detector

As you probably already know the majority of metal detectors available in the arsenal of a function such as discrimination, in which you can make an exception not the right signals to the example of iron objects , foil , or other debris .However, on a level with it is always possible to adjust the metal detector in the mode of all metal for complete information about detected signals. In most cases, the presence of multiple signals on the ground , but with enough discharged ness this option is not as critical , but still useful . However, when looking at a very high trash areas ( eg demolished the old farmhouse  ) the presence of numerous iron feedback will be highly valuable to mask signals , in this case the sound notification of iron can be adjusted via the Iron audio. This will ensure that the detector will have time to notify multiple signals and from the iron purposes including , but they are most comfortable distinguishable from each other. In devices with the presence of this function it is possible to adjust the volume and tone of the acoustic response of railway purposes.

Description exclusion feature hot rocks and meteorites with a metal detector .

It is no secret that some owners are passionate about metal detectors are not looking for old coins or treasures. You’ll be surprised , but we are talking about people who are searching for meteorites ( as well as fossils and minerals). This helps them is a metal detector. Since in most cases, they have properties that make it easy to detect them with metal and their sizes enable the identification of a large depth. From the practice of many experienced searchers can say that in some places the area is literally littered with huge rocks and stones the size of a hen’s egg to large boulders . In addition, these targets given the extremely sonorous , stable signals, and if these findings do not represent any value to you then this is a real issue as to cut them with the trash fail. However, the most advanced metal detectors still have the function of removing the signals from hot rocks – which works extremely effectively without causing other deficiencies. On those devices that do not have this capability can easily recognize these signals if a little practice , but it requires some experience . In any case, a great number of museums are interested in these rare finds and maybe you ‘ll discover a new direction in the search with a metal detector .

Term description Ferrous oxide  when balancing a metal detector .

As they moved along the countryside with a metal detector you will be faced with changes in the salinity of the soil. Depending on how the layers of soil are located , whether there are rock outcrops , as well as wagging a variety of other secondary factors – mineralization can vary quite smoothly and steadily, or vice versa jumps in certain areas . In order to be always full metal working and scanned at maximum depth is required to monitor the status of the soil and make timely adjustments to the balance setting (read more about the function of balancing the soil) if available. In order that would reveal the changes in the composition of the iron oxide Fe2O3 in most professional metal detector has a feature analysis of mineralization and alerts in real time. With it, you are given the ability to track changes up to tenths .

Term description halo effect when working with metal

In the case where some of the metal for a long time in the soil , they are oxidized. Oxides in the soil around the subject creates a kind of shell, which largely helps you find old coins for example , after having lain underground for a long time, they are also oxidized and created a cloud halo effect around you, in the case of registration of such objects with a metal detector – it is extremely sensitive to they recognize the value and will not be difficult . There is also the view of those who seek primarily only coins that coins lying edge to the surface of virtually no perceptible even sensitive instruments – this is pure myth. This is due again to the halo effect due to which the conductivity and size are greatly enhanced and the device is easy to detect such a coin.
It should also add that many of the tests for the detection depth is not quite relevant and true – but for the better, this is due not only to the fact that most of them are carried through the air, but also to the fact that even burying coins or other objects into the ground and tightly tamping them they are very different from those that had been in the ground for many years because Oxides are not around. Ionic bonds are formed within a few years , it is extremely hard to increase the depth . And unfortunately after some search engines telling that old coins taken out with two infantry shovels in combat , others are not quite literate people trying to dissuade them showing the results of air tests are of course much too low and do not go into any comparison. This is due precisely to this effect . On the conductivity as strongly influences the composition of the soil , but this is a static measure , and with it can not be helped , but many diggers look like coins in the fields after the rain , not only because in such circumstances it is easier to dig – wet soil also increases the conductivity of the search coil signal and as a consequence the depth of detection in general. It is also worth mentioning that the majority of copper coins , as well as other antiquities of copper and alloys of similar oxidized over time form around a small film – a copper  , a strong poison. So do not rush to lick your finger and erase with the patina just found a coin.

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