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searching beach metal detector – A narrow strip of sand along the sea – an ideal place to try your luck and even get rich ! Typically, in the midst of the holiday season, the entire beach is littered with tight travelers , as they say , no room to swing a cat ! But we came to the beach or sunbathing ! We will look for what others have lost : money , watches, chains, rings and other jewelry .

Armed with a metal detector one can try yourself in this exciting business as a search with a metal detector on the beach. Search on the beach valuables can be in two areas : in a recreation area on the dry sand and in the surf zone on the damp ground and salt water . Depending on the area and search there are difficulties .

searching beach metal detector

Usually , a search on the dry sand questions arise. It will fit almost any metal . The only problem – is to cut off decoys. The importance of this moment is that the conductivity of gold jewelry and objects made ​​of aluminum (foil , caps and other debris ) are similar, making it difficult to separate them (or discrimination ) . So you can either dig all color signals or skip aluminum trash, but then the gold jewelry will be available for you . At this level of professional metal detectors allow more likely to distinguish between gold jewelry and colored garbage.

Metal Detecting on the Beach – Coins Galore

Hits per dry sand pleasantly surprise you : in a huge amount of coins , keys, watches , jewelry sometimes . But trash is not enough.

But the most productive search is on wet sand , the so-called surf .

Surf zone – is the area where nature has collected gold jewelry for you while here the amount of trash will be minimal. Why is this happening ? Waves move the entire main garbage of lightweight materials in the direction of dry beach , with fine gold jewelry washed onto the beach during a storm on land designated in the figure by the number 1 , and large ornaments are concentrated during the pebbles in the surf zone for the shaft or oblique .

And here we are faced with a serious problem : despite the fact that most of the coil metal detectors waterproof and can be safely submerged in water , not everyone is able to work the metal detector on the wet sand , and especially in salt water. Salt water has a higher conductivity and the detector will react to it as a metal.

If anyone still doubts the effectiveness of such a search , let’s look at the pictures finds that await you on the beach. All these findings  treasure hunter  . metal detectors uses the following :

whites dfx metal detector
minelab excalibur ii 1000 metal detector
Minelab Excalibur W / P connectors, 8 ” 10 ” and 15 “WOT coils
Minelab Sovereign Elite, 8 ” 10 ” and 15 “WOT coil DTI III meter.
Pulsepower Developments Goldquest Aquasearch, 10 “coil
Pulsepower Developments Goldquest Prototype (Surfmaster Case) 8 “coil
Anchor Electronics Barracuda, 8 “and 10 ” coils.
White’s Surfmaster Dual Field ( 2)
Fisher CZ5

Perhaps the experience of successful treasure hunt and you will help make the choice in favor of a metal detector.