Searching for gold nuggets

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Where to start if you want to search for gold nuggets, If you are new to this hobby, I highly recommend you start your search in those areas in which, as is well-known, it was gold in the past. This greatly increases the chances of finding nuggets and reduce frustration. There is a way to find out where to look for, namely, to find a local club and ask people what and how. When you have found the area where you think that there is gold, you should look for signs that indicate that gold may be near.

Searching for gold nuggets

Searching for gold nuggets

The old digs are a good sign that there may be more gold. Often you can see the remains of something of major operations or even an abandoned camp. If the soil was moist, when previously the miners worked here from the camp, there is a chance that some gold nuggets may have dirt accumulation. This is a good place to start.

What you should look for

You can also find fragments of mineralized soil, which look different from the surrounding soil. This may be the remainder mineralized outcrops that rubs off and which can be some amount of gold. In addition to quartz on a hillside may contain gold, especially if messy with lots of quartz minerals. While gold may be present in the white quartz, although typically, gold is more common in the muddy Quartz. If you notice signs of possible gold, try searching the gullies where it can focus.
In addition, the search on the slopes leading into ravines as a place in which there may be some larger nuggets. Search of ravines that have many mineralized bedrock, try using your coil is parallel to the veins of mineralization, and not against them. This will help you better cope with salinity.

How to read the land

Gold being dense, will keep its way down the cliff. If you are using a VLF metal detector and mineralized soil buy limits the depth of detection on the quarter-ounce, what are your chances of finding the Nugget, if it is on a rock at a depth of 15 inches? In this case, there is nothing you can find with VLF detector, but this may be good for some pulse metal detectors. The point is that you should be aware of the depth of the soil in the area where you are looking for so that you can focus on more productive areas.

If you are using a VLF metal detector to look for specific searches, you can use pulse-better dig a test hole to learn depth. Pulse metal detector capable of detecting all to bedrock at great depths.

Choosing coils

Mono coil detects deeper than DD coil, but they have more time to process the mineralization and require more overlap because the field created by the coil is in the shape of a cone. DD coil handle mineralization is really good, but get a bit less deep. Their field creates a hot strip coil Center front to back. This means that you don’t have to overlap its quest for a long time. But you should be aware that each coil on your good.

Search templates

When looking for a new field, it is not necessary to start with the large area, if you are not sure whether it is gold or it has been found before. If this field was not other search engines, you can focus on increasing the voice coil, to cover more ground, until you find a nugget. Once you find a nugget, it’s time to look for a smaller area because another nugget could be next.

You can use large coils to see all the signals on the big field. The reason for this is that : you want to find a larger nuggets and, If you’re going to go back to an area where you can also get the nuggets and not to leave them. Then you can continue to work with the various coils and their sizes to discover so many nuggets as much as possible.

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