How to sell old coins on the Internet

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how to sell old coins online – With the development of internet most of the transactions on the sale and purchase is not very expensive coins being held in it. Suppose you have a few old coins that you want to sell on the Internet.

The first step is to find out their real value . There are several ways to do this .

How to sell old coins on the Internet

How to sell coins on the Internet


1) Trying to drive in the search engine coin denomination and year of issue. The search results will show sites which describes this coin and you can find its approximate value .

Keep in mind that the most important parameter influencing the price spread on a particular coin is its safety. Coin worth decent money in good and average in a poor state of conservation costs much less or nothing at all .

2) Go to one of the many numismatic forums, checking in and create a new topic to assess the coin. Be sure to put high-quality photos on both sides of the coin , and even better scan . At sufficiently visited forum You quickly get its approximate value, and if the coin is interesting , then offer to purchase.

Cost Outset that if the coin “old” it does not mean that it is automatically worth a lot of money . The price of a particular coin depends primarily on the number of issued and preserved specimens .

Get the approximate value of the coin exhibit it up for auction in the relevant section of the numismatic forum. To do this, create a theme where we specify these coins – denomination , year, detailed photos. If the coin has already been discussed on the forum then you can throw a link to this discussion .

In many auctions , you can specify ” buyout price” . Buyout price is the amount for which you are willing to give a coin immediately , without further bidding. Put the buyout price should be deliberately, in any case not underestimating . Contrary to exhibit better blitz about 30 percent higher than the estimated value of the coin .

When a winner trades and coins actually sold the question arises as to deliver the coin buyer and your money . Terms Perez seller specifies when creating the lot , often coin -mail sent by buyer after payment or cash on delivery, that is, immediately upon delivery by mail. With money you can get an advance payment on account Webmoney, bank card on a cell phone bill , etc. Buyer participates in the auction for a coin automatically accepts the terms of the seller.

Also numismatic coins forums can sell on auction sites of special type Allegro algorithm similar action there – sign up , create an item , specify information about the coin , how to wait for the results of Perez and trading. Any auction always in demand primarily interesting coins – rare or in excellent condition.

After spending so few successful transactions you will increase your reputation, and accordingly increase consumer confidence in you that will quietly do prepay for coins without fear  .