Why do serious diggers use headphones?

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Experienced diggers are able to distinguish finds by ear. Good headphones improve the audio signal for target detection and help you decide if it’s worth digging or not. The use of headphones increases the chance of successful discoveries and significantly reduces the time spent searching through useless garbage.

Another strong argument in favor of headphones is that they can significantly reduce the external noise factor (wind, road noise, waves, etc.). As a result, the driller will be less distracted and hear signals more clearly. In addition, headphones reduce unwanted attention from your person.

Using Metal Detecting Headphones & Developing Target

Working with a metal detector in headphones is much more convenient than without them. The risk of missing an interesting signal is reduced, and the battery charge is a little saved. But not every device is equipped with this useful accessory. In addition, garrett metal detector headphones have a 6.3 mm connector, the so-called “Fat Jack” or Jack 6.35 mm instead of the usual “thin jack” mini-jack 3.5 mm. Garrett branded headphones with such a plug will cost no less than 1000 rubles. You can find any others under the same connector, usually professional in specialized stores audio equipment, but they too will not be cheap. But there is a simpler and cheaper solution.

Metal detector headphones

Nothing prevents you from buying a 6.3 mm plug, soldering wires from regular headphones plus volume control. If the hands grow from where it is necessary, you can solder beautiful headphones for the metal detector with their own hands, not inferior to the brand analogues. But you can do even easier: buy an adapter from 6.3 to 3.5 mm., connect the usual headphones and boldly dig. Everything will work perfectly. But it is necessary to connect the headphones, not the headset from the phone. It is easy to distinguish them: the plug of conventional headphones without a microphone has three contacts and two rings, the headset has 4 contacts and 3 rings respectively.

It is advisable to use headphones with a volume control, because the sound is very loud. Checked on the metal detector Garrett ACE 150, about others Do not know, but I believe the situation is similar. The usual headphones for the computer, most of which are equipped with a volume control, will be suitable. Even if it is not – it does not matter, buy an extension cord with the regulator and through it connect any headphones.

And that long wires do not interfere, you can resort to one trick. Rewind the wires on a pen or pencil, well heated with a hairdryer and sharply cooled with cold water. We get wires in the form of a spiral, as on professional headphones or radio stations, which almost will not interfere and get confused.

You don’t have to buy expensive metal detector headphones. You can connect any other. To do this, we will need:

metal detector headphone adapter with 6.3 mm by 3.5 mm;
The headphones themselves (not the phone headset), preferably with a volume control;
extender with volume control, if not in headphones.
The adapter and extension cord will cost no more, and the headphones, most likely, you already have. This will definitely work on the metal detectors Garrett ACE 150/250, and I think on others. Below I leave links to the adapter and extension cord with AliExpress.