Smart House and the system of protection against water leaks

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Smart House and the system of protection against water leaks

Think for a moment – is not even fifteen or twenty years ago it was possible to imagine that you are going to his home, his appearance can only turn on the lights in the apartment, or, conversely, turn it off at any particular part of the room ? Besides that you will not take any action to do so, unless, there will need to press a button. After all the necessary actions for you to perform your home, because it has its own intelligence!

Already one that situation then , two decades ago, seemed an episode of the sci-fi movie . Now this is called a system of “smart home” . And this one is no surprise . More and more people are coming to the fact that such a system of automation of life – not a luxury but a need for a common philistine . In fact , the system «Intelligent building» (« smart house” ) based on the fact that all subsystems providing functional parameters housing are integrated into one overall system. All costs of operation of the system is minimized and the service established optimal manner . All subsystems controlled by each other on certain algorithms to suit their different situations that occur in the room.

At this stage of development of modern complex system of “smart home” includes such functions (which are easily enhanced and modified ) :

– Heating, ventilation , air-conditioning ;
– Control from one place all the audio and video equipment , home theater , etc.;
– Telephone and LAN building ;
– Lighting ;
– Power of the building ( UPS , generators ) ;
– Mechanization of the building ( eg, opening / closing doors , electric heating steps , etc.)

All the above features are designed to improve the quality of life in the house and bring additional comfort in life . But not only that created “smart home” . After all , in general – is its main function – to completely secure the existence of space, which he manages. These and deal with security , ” Smart House “, which include :

– CCTV system – fire alarm and automatic fire ;
– system access control to premises ;
– Monitoring of gas leaks ;
– Control of water leaks ;

Smart House and the system of protection against water leaks
Smart House and the system of protection against water leaks

On the last point dwell in detail, because this is a relatively new system that is not as popular as, for example , the fire alarm . And it is very unfair that the landlords so underestimate the risk of events such as water leakage . It certainly does not bring for such a large-scale disasters such as major fires , but the problems can be quite a lot, especially when it comes to the apartment in an apartment building . Water leak detectors are installed as standard in the joints of plumbing and appliances with water pipes , since in addition to the immediate problem with the pipes , a major role in the sinking of play just such a household helpers , such as washing machines, dishwashers, for example. In addition to the sensors necessarily installed magnetic valve near hand valves and filters.

The essence of the water leakage monitoring system is that the sensors detect a fault in the flexible connector and trap moisture from the ground. At a certain critical exponent of this moisture sensors are signaling a magnetic valve that instantly shut off the water in the room.

Next task is a complex system of “smart home ” – make known to the landlord about the incident. This happens directly on a mobile phone signal . That is, the time you come home , you will face the situation ( a challenge to master , for example) and at the same time be sure that while you are away , this situation was under control.

Systems of water leakage , surprisingly , can be of two kinds. First – this is a specialized leak detector that can make their own decision about blocking the water supply to the premises and immediately implement the decision. The second option , the sensor , which transmits the signal to the control of the leak , ” Smart House “, the need for cycling and other peripherals .

In the first case, where a sensor is used , the system is leaking water becomes independent . Ironically , it is – a plus, since the reliability of the system is increased by several times. But at the same time , there is a huge negative – the sensor of such a system can not account for the signals from the other subsystems and elements of “smart home” . In addition , an independent sensor can not distinguish between an emergency leak from ordinary repairs ( such as changing filters, for example ), and thus not only will not help, and will only create further problems .

In other words, the course is better to use water leakage control system , connected to a common centralized system of “smart home ” because in the case where the actual leakage occurs , the system will not only block the flow of water , but which need to disconnect – or nodes of the electric power .

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