Soil metal detectors Golden Mask 2

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Soil metal detectors Golden Mask 2

metal detector for experienced users.

You can work at a constant threshold tone consistent with the possibility of discrimination or audio clip of iron.

The older models is distinguished by the Golden Mask only manual ground balance while maintaining the depth and sensitivity.

• Instant response from the target

• Large 10.5 -inch reel , made ​​on technology DoubleD, provides greater coverage area of ​​scanning and best work on difficult terrain.

Test Golden mask 2

• Ability to install a larger diameter coil 12.5 “or 15 ” DD.

• Permanent Threshold provides better sensitivity at extreme depths .

• Manual multi-turn potentiometer ground balance allows the operator to adjust the detector professional for specific purposes and search .

• 10 battery capacity of 1000 mA / h with a battery charger. In addition, the field can replace the batteries in conventional AA batteries .

• Unique charger with the restore damaged batteries ) included . To charge a fully discharged batteries need 5-6 hours. The adapter has a built-in timer automatically turn off after 6 hours and the automatic turn off when fully charged batteries. Can automatically identify , charge , discharge and maintain the battery at full capacity . Charger Golden Mask can be used for charging other brands of metal detectors .

Golden Mask 2 BI TURBO

• Ability to see the coins even near large iron objects.

• Ability to work with one or two audio tones .

• The ability to quickly exclude iron objects with different levels of tolerance : NORM or FULL, allowing you to effectively use the metal detector when looking for the spoils of war .

• The ability to accurately determine the size of the object due to an instantaneous response , the length of the signal wiring and coil.

• Volume control allows you to comfortably operate under different conditions , whether it is a busy highway or secretive search in the attic of the house.

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