SONAR 3D 2012

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SONAR 3D 2012
Our new sonar device 2012 bilingual Arabic and English

Latest photographic detector in the world developed and innovative device is a comprehensive, integrated and breaking all nominating technical specifications to be the first in the world and the latest and most comprehensive and articulate.
This device works on the principle of optical ground-based radar imaging to recognize this device on metal and gold underground filming and clarified, to recognize them with ease and meticulously illustrated. An underground target giving its type and depth, size, and while discovers metal writen directly on the screen, the discrimination between minerals and differentiate them strictly and give complete and detailed report about the metal structure, this machine advanced HD software enables Explorer of exploratory confidence high and simply explains the goal in more ways than one by chart showing the target size , And illustrative indicators give percentage and quantity goal precisely, give this machine results no Playboy pictorial device by device contains three-dimensional analysis program and two-dimensional image shows the goal, format and magnify him as real form, and SQL device special programme to give the depth of the target 100% surface Sinti meters.
The device works in all weather conditions and in all types of terrain strength and rigidity in mineral soils in both literal and traverses the rocky caves to explain their intricacies and mysteries and penetrate rocks basalt and motorcycles and rock burst and sedimentary rocks and rock alasthalet developed over burials and is not affected by anything.
Any normal person even if it doesn’t read or write can use device and work on it easily and conveniently and without any complications.
SONAR 3D 2012

Specifications and features

• Works with sophisticated radar imaging system detected specialized gold and minerals and underground spaces.
• Detects all metal with distinguished strictly with clarification of shape and size.
• Discover the caves and tunnels and voids with clarifying their extension and its foundations. and. on a computer system installed on your computer screen shows all the data and coordinates.
• The device works on a tripartite programme and two-dimensional, shows a metal type and a new stereoscopic and each kind of metal digital counter for each quality such as precious metals and non-metals and precious metal gold, and clear indicators and graphs indicate the type and size of the metal and the name of the detected metal image clearly.
• Works with quick system scan delicate checks and scans the ground and portray with precision and clarity.
• Works on the latest software and techniques to give comprehensive and reliable results.
• Deep-set goals and 120 centimeters in digital form on the color screen.
• Possibility of storing data and place them in internal memory stores all Photogrammetry that users scan pictures portrayed until 20.
• This device is designed by world-class, working to fit anywhere in the world.
• Works in all weather conditions, and in all levels of temperature and humidity.
• Works and programming itself automatically with the land and how to deal with whatever the rugged and rocky, whatever their position.
• Indicators and numbers for each metal and void also explains the quantity, size and depth directly on the screen.
• Tracking system and clarify the reference to the user, and how to penetrate the reference to soil is illustrated by the digital meters.
• Indicators of light and sound make sure that the device and the validity of his work and properly during the process of exploration and make sure that the survey is correct.
• Indicators of light and sound are in an error state in the process of exploration and surveying, and describes the type of situation that worked for her on screen directly.
• Can the new metal detectors of all kinds with visibility to the driver.
• Has a lot of experience on the device by the manufacturer and that over 16 years before release.
• Equipped with three sensors each ground is a depth of up to.
• SQL Tuning keys are located on the main organ through which the seizure and analysis and move from one program to another.
• The device works in both Arabic and English.
• Special system for control power and volume.
• Special system controls the brightness level device.
• Works on battery 12 volt rechargeable with charger circuit.
• Special battery strength indicator shows how long the device will operate.
• Up to a depth of 12 meters for small sizes and 22 meters for large sizes.
• Gives reliable results up to 100% after many experiments and research.
• Gives indicators light and sound, digital and photographic evidence of the existence and location of treasures.
• Write the name of the metal that has been detected and photographed by typing at the top of the screen.
• Cancelling feature iron so that the device will not give any indication or any representation for iron through a programme that will isolate iron and not respond.
• Equipped with three sensors small scanner scanner to work while running a search the wonderful electromagnetic higher discrimination, flour and this little scanner provider which penetrates to a depth of 5 meters equipped with special light tracking system shines while having only gold metal and middle and large scanner for imaging operations and integrated search.
• Special keyboard to the main unit of the device to adjust and find amazing electromagnetic through small scanner.
• The device gives a clear picture of the target and its shape and type.
• Gives indicators light and sound sensitive while having over the target.
• Gives a numerical indicators on the screen indicating the target size, type and name.
• Special program to measure the depth of the target after locating him.
• Graphs depicting the goal and how to put it underground.
• Distinguish between minerals through indicators and figures and ratios for each metal.

Parts and components

• Works on a computer system with a computerized high-quality color size 12×17 cm installed shows all data and coordinates.
• Three Earth sensors sensitive scanner 31.5 cm length and 21 meters and sensitive scanner length 44 meters and 36 meters and a sensitive scanner large size length 1 m and width of 60 meters.
• Bag to prevent the main unit and was able to carry the device easily.
• A large bag to contain and store the device with full equipment.
• 12 volt battery.
• 220V electric charger.
• Charger for the device installed in the vehicle.
• Headphones.
• Industry was in more than one State – Greece – Germany and Japan – the device has been installed in Turkey.
• CD tutorial for ways and work machine and how to dig for gold.
• English and Arabic catalogues
• Ensure that for two years.