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spectacular marine treasures – Yet for a long time , the minds of hunters , agitated thoughts about the fabulous treasures of sunken ships . There are plenty of stories and legends that say about the treasures that lie on the ocean floor . These stories so much that sometimes come to mind the thought that these marine treasures really lie in wait for its new owner . Though not often, but these are treasures .

Not long ago , not far from the coast of Florida, at the bottom of the ocean treasure was found , the cost of which appreciated more than $ 500 million. But this is not the only story. Every year , more and more hunters find sea treasures that remain near wrecks . Carried a huge amount of space expeditions to the ship wreck in search of cherished treasures .

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So in 1992 , an expedition was sent to the place of ship wreck ” Preciado “, which based on historical data sank in 1792 during a battle with the pirates. From under the wreckage was recovered more than 500 gold coins and a lot of silverware . But that’s not all . There is a legend that under the wreckage of the ship must be more than 50 tons of gold and silver is more than 3 times . This legend leads to wrecks more expeditions every year, but so far none of them found cherished treasures .

According to historians , a large amount of treasure , remain at the bottom of the Russian seas and rivers. Used to be very popular with maritime transport and a lot of gold and silver were transported in this way . There were many battles, because of which the ships were wrecked and went to the bottom , along with all the values ​​, on board .

We study a lot of documents and historical sources , in search of references to valuable loads . To this day, a huge number of ship wreck sites have not yet been studied , which gives even more incentive to search for buried treasure with a metal detector . Scientists believe that there is still at the bottom of oceans and seas, there are still many marine treasures , which cost in the amount exceeds billions of dollars.

Who knows, maybe it is you who has the coveted treasure of your dreams. Did you have to reveal the secret history and get a substantial reward . But most importantly do not forget that the search for treasure is dangerous and time-consuming business, especially when you look at the bottom of the oceans and seas . But if you are determined and courage , then you straight into the club of hunters .