Spectra V3

Spectra V3 In the category Metal Detectors more articles and learn more information about Spectra V3 Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

Frequencies metals

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Proposed machines that help search for minerals: deep max 5/6

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whites metal detectors for sale

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Metal detector reviews

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Hardware specifications
Modern digital system and developer of the white world and works on electromagnetic detection system device and radar system frequency detector for metal frequencies, the device detects metal and frequency mzodog system and a modern illustration of colorful computer screen showing all the exact information and coordinates, a modern and sophisticated from other metal detectors with capture system via a wireless network between the device and the wireless speakers to deliver results and hear
Specializes in detection of gold and treasures and minerals
spectra-v3-metal detector
Detects all types of metals
Discrimination and complete and accurately between minerals
An expert system to identify the type of metal and find
Demonstration system on large colour screen
Search level selection system 3 frequencies of different capacity three different programs clarification and give search and detection data
Illustrative diagram of system level soil and clarify the target body
Painterly annotation system for how to target size and depth
Zoom system for image results
Discrimination between metal sound in digital form on screen
Soil selection system which chose type of soil to search out rock-red-sand-beach-Hommes urgency etc
Optional frequencies to detect 22.5 kHz to detect gold, silver-frequency 7.5 for General and comprehensive search
Special regime for change detection and force levels penetration depth on speed detection
Performance speed, very high speed in giving results
Specifies the depth of the detected target on the screen in digital form
Full report on the objective and its size
Cancelling the search for iron
Volume control
Non control light
Sound level control detection
Easy control
Control systems, automatic work
Automatic balancing process
Lightweight and easy to use
Manufacturer of the best plastics and electronic parts walhasast and sensed
Sensitive search Qatar 24 cm
Separate wireless headphones separate card work wireless
Demountable & installation
Works on battery removal and installation 12 volt
Hardware components
The main control panel and device processing
Sensitive search Qatar 24 cm
The headphones come in wireless with the main machine
Handle (rack), disposable jaw
Electric charger
Car charger
Tutorial tweaks on the device (DVD)
Catalogs English and Arabic
Carrying case
Ensure a one-year international guarantee of manufacturers
Made in USA

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