Status of women in the era of the Romans

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Status of women in the era of the Romans 
Status of women in the era of the Romans
Roman era is the era of gains of Eve where I got some of their Roman law although subject to the authority of the father if unmarried. … Slave women were under the authority of the master.
Marriage in Roman is divided into two parts:
Marriage with sovereignty, it means separation the wife from her family, and their transition from father to husband.
Marriage without the rule, it means that the wife the husband participates in married life but have the right to remain with their families. And must obey her husband and respect his wishes.
Either financial eligibility, the girl did not have the right to own property if acquired money added to the family money, and does not affect this and not her marriage, late medieval era Constantine decides that the funds held by the girl by her mother’s legacy is distinct from her father’s funds, but has the right to use and exploit them, and when you release the girls from household authority retains one third of their father as King and gives them two thirds.
In the era of gostthian decided that earned the girl because of her work or through someone other than her employer is owned by them, either by the head of the family funds remain his property, and that given the right to own such funds they could not act without the consent of the head of the family. If Matt household liberated Jr. If either girl moving jurisdiction to the guardian as long as alive, and then modify that finally a ruse to get rid of the mandate’s legal guardian to sell themselves to the Prince you choose, be consistent with each other that this sale to edit of, not opposed Wali who bought the Act.
As the laws of the twelve panels following three reasons are reasons for lack of eligibility: age, mental condition, sex any femininity, the old Roman jurists explain quarantine on women by saying: of reckless minds.