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Fisher F2 Fisher F75 Garrett 6.5×9 ACE PROformance Garrett ACE 250 Garrett AT Pro Garrett ATX Garrett Euro ACE Mars 10×6 Sniper Mars 12.5×9.5 Tiger Mars 15 Goliaf Minelab Explorer SE Pro Minelab GPX 5000 Minelab Safari Minelab X-Terra 305 Minelab X-Terra 705 Nel 12×13 Tornado Nel 13×14 Storm Nel 15×17 BIG ozi explorer Teknetics EuroTek Teknetics EuroTek PRO Teknetics T2 VDI XP Deus

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Garrett ACE 250 metal detector bears the palm for many years due to its reliability , ease , intuitive operation and extraordinary performance for its class . It detects small objects to a depth of 25 cm and larger objects to a depth of 60 cm , without complicated settings. This is the best choice for […]

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garrett ace 250 metal detector   garrett ace 250 metal detector-a device for little money. Allows you to search for all metal objects or only objects of a certain type (gold, silver, coins, rings, etc.).   garrett ace 250 metal detector is an improved model of the GARRETT ACE 150. Increased number of programmes with 3 […]

Teknetics EuroTek and EuroTek PRO New!

ace 150 or teknetics eurotek Teknetics Eurotek All About Detectors. at this price point,lets wait and see how she works. drawback to the Ace 150 -250 is that there is no numeric target ID. The Alpha 2000 is their beginner level detector, along with the Teknetics Eurotek.There are a few starter machines that range such as: White’s Coinmaster, Garrett Ace 150, Teknetics Eurotek, Teknetics new Eurotek is a VERY fun yet simple metal detector. Metal Detector Field Test and Review – Teknetics Eurotek Pro. Teknetics EuroTek Metal Detector. The Teknetics Pinpoint Probe is easy to use ,The Garrett Ace 150 is easy to use and offers high perform.Bounty Hunter Gold Metal Detector; Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker; Pinpointing Tips with the Garrett Pro Pointer; Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector Teknetic EuroTek Metal Detector Special Features Teknetic EuroTek Pro.

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The coil AKA DD 13 for Garrett ACE 250

gold nugget coil ace 250   The coil AKA DD 13 for Garrett ACE 250     The coil AKA DD 13 “for Garrett ACE 250 is the new development of the firm, AKA search increases the depth of up to 60% in comparison with the coil. Improved stability and sensitivity to the high mineralized […]

A new metal detector Garrett RIF 250

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A new metal detector Garrett RIF 250   This modernized the famous Garrett ACE 250 metal detector.     What is it remarkable?   The appliance is equipped with a very powerful and convenient cord wrap 10 x 14 DD from the firm Rif Coils, which significantly increases the depth of search and outputs this […]

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جهاز غاريت آيس 250 غاريت آيس 250 للكشف عن المعادن غاريت آيس 250 للكشف عن المعادن، وسنة الصنع عام 2013: واحدة من الأفضل نموذج ميزانية أجهزة الكشف المعدنية يمكن أن تكون صحية جداً! وهذا ينطبق على بعض سنوات حتى الآن، نموذج شعبية للكشف عن “المعادن 250 آيس غاريت” التي يمكن أن تعمل في اتجاهات مختلفة، […]