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How to choose a metal detector coil

The size of the coil diameter important

Aftermarket Metal Detector Coils Garrett Metal Detector Coils Whites Metal Detector Coils Used Metal Detector Coils Metal Detector Coils Reviews Metal Detector Search Coils Metal Detector Coil Design Homemade Metal Detector Coil Garrett Metal Detectors Whites Metal Detector Coil Metal Detector Accessories Whites Metal Detector Accessories. How to choose a metal detector coil   The […]

How to clean copper coins at home

buried treasure prenatal

This is the most effective way to clean copper coins in the process can only copper and nothing more. The procedure for electrolysis is very simple: take a small voltage source, such as from a car battery to 12 V, connect the wires. Minus the hook at the coin, and plus a large piece of metal. In bowl, pour water, pour in the water table salt at the rate of 100 milligrams of water 1 teaspoon of salt. And coin and item submerge, but so that they are located far enough from each other, otherwise you output the power supply from the short circuit failure.
After the procedure, electrolysis copper coin will become bright red, all patina destroyed. Some numismatists applied artificial patina for beauty, it is done with the help of sulfur ointment. Also artificial patina can be applied using copper sulfate and potassium permanganate. To do this, 20 grams sulfate should be mixed with 5 grams of potassium permanganate and a liter of water. Warm the mixture to a temperature of 90 degrees, drop a coin in the solution for 2 minutes. The longer you hold the coin in the solution, the more it will darken. After processing, the coin must be thoroughly dried and lightly polish, it should be done unevenly to artificial patina acquired natural look.

How to choose a metal detector?

Ways of dealing with metal detectors

How to choose a metal detector? If you have decided to buy a metal detector. You can choose from a variety of devices? To begin with, you will find with any device, but the quality and quantity of such discoveries, as well as job satisfaction and effectiveness and will be different. Accordingly, it was suggested […]

How to increase depth of metal detector, gold

soil moisture What is the depth of detection- mineralization of soil and hot rocks

how to increase depth of metal detector best depth metal detector metal detector depth range metal detector depth chart metal detector depth tests maximum depth of vlf metal detector good depth metal detector deep depth metal detectors depth first search Optimiz your metal detector,chercheur de tresors,pulse detector,detector pulse,Most people confuse increased sensitivity with increased depth.

How to choose the first metal detector?

How to choose the first metal detector?

How to choose the first metal detector?   The first metal detector – more often than not it is the choice of the class of low-cost metal detectors. Cheap metal detectors but it does not mean that the finds will be less expensive than u. There are examples where after Super E-Trac Minelab metal detector […]

Garrett ACE 250. How to search

garrett ace 250 review

Garrett ACE 250. How to search   Inexpensive American metal detector Garrett ACE 250. Price Garrett ACE 250 metal detector and are so balanced that the detector has the status of “national”, and it got its own name – “Icq”. And that popularity is based on the real abilities of Garrett ACE 250 metal detector, […]

How to choose a metal detector. Price-quality

Gold on the beach or how to choose a metal detector

How to choose a metal detector. Price-quality Perhaps the main two criteria by which the novice treasure hunter metal detector picks-cost appliance and target detection depth. These are two important factors that directly depend on each other.       It must be clearly understood that the cheapest metal detector cannot inherently have a greater […]

How to invest in gold using ETF

Investing in gold Why is this tempting offer ? Investing in gold Past and Present Gold and silver forecasts for 2014

How to invest in gold using ETF Paper money stopped being considered by investors as a store of value. The excessive and discussed monetary emission of several central banks questioned the ability of States to meet their debts. Given this scenario, investors are turning to real assets, of which gold is historically the value par […]