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Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Introduction And How To Video Manual Review

bounty hunter discovery 2200 reviews

Learn more about Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector Reviews, Price, Specifications, Features, Image ,manuals, videos. Discovery 1100 metal detector belongs to the category for beginners. Easy to learn and use dynamic metal detector. The device has three discrimination, custom by pressing the appropriate sensor button. Tuning-out for soil automatic Squelch-Tech without loss of sensitivity, power control […]

bounty hunter time ranger manual

This is the most expensive model of metal detectors line  Bounty Hunter company. Time Ranger metal detector is made in the traditional style of the company, the control panel in the form of an oval, packed in a nice package! Unit as the discriminator settings work with microprocessor signal processing and the presence of a […]

metal detectors tips beaches

metal detectors tips beaches

metal detectors tips beaches   Buying Tips detectors With a brief search on the internet you will discover that many vendors are trying to promote the sale of specific probes representing , accusing and eliminating all possibilities of all other types of detectors that do not. A typical example is that they do not post […]

White’s TM 808 Manual

Metal Detector Whites TM- 808 deep metal detectors reviews

White’s TM 808 Manual   Description of buttons THRESHOLD- tone background The button opens THRESHOLD ( ON) and off (OFF) the TM 808 and adjusts the volume of the background or as it is commonly called «threshold». If you turn the THRESHOLD knob to clockwise , the sensor opens (ON) and the batteries automatically check […]

fisher f2 pro metal detector

Fisher F2 metal detector for a beginner

Fisher F2 Pro   Optional extra fisher f2 pro metal detector, which in addition to the standard coil is coil 4 inches and personal (portable) pin pointer.   A general description of the appliance: Simple modern detector for hobby with good characteristics. Work in the mode “all metals” and “discrimination” (selective, finding the right types […]