technology of metal detectors

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technology of metal detectors

The work of all modern metal detectors is based on the use of one of the two basic technologies VLF (Very Low Frequency) Or PI (Pulse Induction ) . The main difference between these technologies is the type of metal used an electromagnetic signal (continuous or pulsed ) . The two basic techniques are used one or more frequencies in the search.

A number of technologies of metal detectors , which are add-ons to basic technology VLF and PI. These technologies significantly increase the possibility of metal detectors and offer the opportunity to get additional information about the discovery .

technology VFLEX

VFLEX technology of metal detectors used to improve the performance of detectors using when searching for a single frequency and provides an opportunity to apply to a single detector and DoubleD Mono coil with different frequencies of detection. This is an advantage VFLEX technology and the possibility of changing the operating frequency of the detector by changing the search coil .

The main difference lies in the technology VFLEX that the signal generator is not in the detector control unit , and the detector coil . This allows for higher performance and improved resistance to external noise ( power line transmission antennas cellular ) . VFLEX technology used metal detectors series of X-TERRA.

Tech BBS

In the technology of metal detectors BBS (Broad Band Spectrum ) Used a broad band spectrum of emitted signals simultaneously using multiple frequencies in the search. Metal working on technology BBS, emit 17 frequencies in the range of operating frequency from 1.5 kHz to 25.5 kHz. Such a wide range of frequencies can detect targets at a maximum depth of more accurately distinguish between metals and identify the remains. Instruments to effectively operate in highly mineralized soil and marine beaches. BBS technology is used in metal detectors Sovereign GT and Excalibur II.

FBS technology

In the technology of metal detectors FBS (Full Band Spectrum ) Uses full band spectrum of the signals emitted while using 28 frequencies in the range of operating frequency from 1.5 kHz to 100 kHz. This can greatly increase the depth of detection, sensitivity and accuracy of the instrument of discrimination. Metal working on technology FBS, effectively operate in highly mineralized soil and in areas with a high concentration of metallic debris. FBS technology used in detectors Safari, E-TRAC and Explorer.

minelab safari metal detector review

minelab safari metal detector review

technology MPS

In the technology of metal detectors MPS (Multi Period Sensing ) Applied flow probe pulses with different follow-up periods ( short and long pulses ) . Standard PI technology has limitations related to the fact that the probe signals have a constant width . The technology uses the MPS probe pulses of varying width. This allows you to get more information about the purpose , to achieve a better balance of the soil and increase the depth of detection is almost 4 times.

technology DVT

The meaning of technology of metal detectors DVT (Dual Voltage Technology ) Is the use of two different strains of the search coil. This ignores the effect of magnetic saturation of the soil. This greatly increases the depth of detection increases the sensitivity to small targets and improves the balance of the soil. DVT technology used metal detectors series GPX, GPX 4000 .

SETA technology

Technology SETA (Smart Electronic Timing Alignment ) Is based on the principle of intellectual alignment of probe pulses of different types. Electronic processing of all incoming pulses occurs simultaneously and independently. This makes it possible to reduce noise , increase sensitivity and detection depth of the metal .

technology RCB

The technology of metal detectors RCB (Receive Coil Boost ) Aims to strengthen the weak response from the target to the detector . As a result, the signal amplification improves sensitivity to small objects at great depth and a marked reduction in the noise level .

Pulse metal detectors PI technology

China Advanced Technology Metal Detector Manufacturers

Pulse metal detectors  technology PI The Pulse metal detector or pulse induction metal detector  Is the most sensitive of all detectors , responds to any metals, does not distinguish between ferromagnets from diamagnetic . Search features allow the pulse metal detector to find gold and gold nuggets in alkaline conditions and extreme temperatures….Read Post

YouTube Metal Detector Videos Gold

Advanced Technology Metal Detector, Advanced

As the device designs more complex and cost increases, the instrument’s ability to recognize the metal object without dig improves. When cost is different, the sensitivity of the detectors is increased slightly (most often 20-35 cm for coins and about 1-1.5 m for large finds). However, more complex devices equipped with processors can give an…..Read Post

What is a metal detector to search for gold in particular

advanced technology metal detector

Gold coins can be found anywhere, the most difficult type is searching for gold nuggets, because there’s not a lot of places where you can find gold nuggets, and appropriate depth. Even in such cases without deep metal detector cannot do that. However, to search for gold, you can successfully use the popular metal detectors…Read Post


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