Teknetics Eurotek Pro 11DD

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It is an inexpensive metal detector with a reel of 7.81 khz. The model is suitable for finding artifacts, coins and ornaments. Quickly and effectively detects metal in the ground, due to good discrimination even for deeply lying goals. Based on customer feedback, the product is equipped with a high-quality 5-segment reel and a clear LCD-screen. The developers did not save on the presence of headphone output (1/4 “). The weight of this treasure is only 1 kilogram. The power is powered by a battery that lasts 40 hours of full autonomy.

Beach Metal Detecting – with Teknetics Eurotek Pro 11DD

My back up detector is a Teknetics Eurotek Pro, I do still occasionally use this coin magnet of a detector on pasture and stubble …


Test Teknetics Eurotek PRO + Nel Hunter coil. sensitivity 10 discrimination 0 volume 20 alkaline battery.

Teknetics eurotek pro depth test with hammerd coin

This is a depth test I done on the eurotek pro the results left me with more qustions than awnsers you have to see this !!!!!