Tesoro Silver uMAX metal detector

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Tesoro Silver uMAX metal detector


Great device for those who start the search!


Silver uMax is designed specifically for easy learning a hobby – Metal detecting and will open you a world of antiquities with maximum impact!


Easy to manage and Setup, Silver uMax will appeal to all, because never has the search of Antiquities has not been so easy.

Tesoro Silver uMAX metal detector





Will you look for subjects of the middle ages, or go in search of hoards, want to seek military artifacts-Silver uMax will manifest itself with the best hand. Its a big coil allows to survey large areas of peak performance, without being distracted by settings and adjustments.


Silver uMax appreciated archaeologists, looking ancient countryside: in this metalldetektor there are all-metal search mode, featuring a high depth of object discoveries! By enabling this setting.


Both modes (discrimination and all metals) operate in dynamic mode. Setting the ground metal detector fixed. This means that it is configured at the factory for average by composition, soil type. The vast majority of land in our country is such that for the Silver uMax at full depth.
By configuring the sensitivity with optional range of extra sensitivity, Silver uMax can work wonders, discovering valuable artifacts at depths!


Unconditional advantage is easy, and it only weighs 1 kilogram, so that you can seek out treasures all day without feeling fatigue!

Working modes:


-dynamic search of all metals
-dynamic search with discrimination




10.6 frequency kHz.
9 inch coil
Sensitivity for the coin 5 copecks. 25 cm.
Limited sensitivity 1 m
Power supply 9V (battery 1 “Crown”)
Running time 30 hours
Weight 1.0 kg.

Scope of delivery:


-electronic unit with the top pole and arm rest
-average bar
-lower the bar
-set of fixture to coil
9-reel “
the 9-cell battery in the
-instruction manual
-packing containers