Tesoro Tejon Gold Ring Metal Detecting

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Tesoro Tejon metal detector, has a very high sensitivity to smaller objects and depth of detection. Sensitivity is achieved thanks to the new design of the coil, and the increased frequency of operation (17.5 kHz) and higher strength. Tesoro Tejon metal detectors have balancing Earth manual system of double discrimination for quick check detected objects.

From Tesoro metal detector Tesoro Tejon metal detector. This is a different breed of metal detectors, Tesoro Tejon metal detector has high power and sensitivity, and greater depth of penetration of the signal, while maintaining the classic advantages of Tesoro: the iron shielding system, silent search and ease of use.

tesoro tejon ground balance tesoro metal detectors tesoro tejon review

This was a very valuable experience test Tesoro company , and test, Soil conditions in Texas, in essence, perfect for research. Soil mineralization there is negligible or absent, while in a Wisconsin soil salinity much higher. Tesoro Tejon metal detector with manual adjustment of threshold-this is one of the most important criteria inherent in the metal detectors and the ability to work with metal detecting player qualifies as a professional user. Have the ability to adjust threshold allows you to find the very small object at sufficient depth, including the smallest gold nuggets and large objects at very great depths are not accessible for other metal detectors.

Tesoro Tejon Gold Ring Metal Detecting

A pretty exciting dig today at the park.the Tejon pulls some color.

It is equipped with a transmission with high production, allowing a deeper penetration and a high sensitivity to small targets. Designed Tesoro Tejon metal detector from the ground up specifically for asylum seekers of coins and Antiquities. It also features a new color scheme of blue-gray Tesoro. Tejon is under development for over a year, represents a new generation of metal detectors Tesoro.

Ctx 3030 Vs Cz3d Vs Tesoro Tejon

series doing air tests on the CTX 3030, CZ3D and the Tesoro Tejon. This series is to help all of you that are looking at thes

But the jobs that can be set by the user, don’t stop! Tesoro Tejon metal detector has the balance of land and the development of “all metals” and discrimination. Although metal Tesoro Tejon metal detector designed mainly for those who are looking for money and antiques, switching user settings is simple and easy to use, allowing you to search any topic

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