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tesoro tejon ground balance


Tesoro Tejon metal detector features

Tesoro Tejon metal detector can rightly be called the ” workhorse ” of American treasure hunters . This , modest -looking device has a number of features that put it on par with professional metal detectors .

Upon first glance at the instrument , many fans are beginning to find an instrument to transfer its shortcomings : lack of display , single-tone , lots of different pots , but if you look in more detail, it appears that those features that many consider flaws are significant advantage of it .

For example , the information is displayed with a metal detector : This is usually the instrument settings , VDI objectives, level of battery power , and sometimes approximate depth of the object.

tesoro tejon ground balance tesoro metal detectors tesoro tejon review
tesoro tejon ground balance

At Tesoro Tejon metal detector has the same information content is encased in the original solutions engineers Tesoro. For example, the battery level is checked the pulse of sound emitted by the device when turned on. 7 pulses indicate a fully charged battery. The depth of the target can be identified by the change in tone signals in VCO mode or pinpoint .

The first discriminator can be cut ‘iron’ second ‘aluminum tabs , “or first cut off all the garbage to zinc , and the second bottle caps . By switching between the discriminators with the hammer under the control unit for a few seconds, you ‘ll know what’s under the coil device in my head what numbers correspond to what VDI and not remembering the course of physics.

This is the metal that you want to listen to, but there is no need to listen to polyphonic signals – if the signal is , the target matches the setting of the discriminators . Over time, fans of the device are starting to realize how much information , including almost the shape of a target passes the metal detector shades of colors.

Long-term cooperation with engineers at Tesoro treasure hunters – possible to understand the principles of search and create a unique instrument with professional features , in which nothing is superfluous .

Occasionally someone comes to look only fibula and throws coins, in most cases, we are interested in all but the debris.

The most common objects in the earth – iron : garbage, shrapnel , nails, shaving. All of this is cut first discriminator . The second discriminator can be cut off the foil and tabs from aluminum cans or ” tighten ” it up bottle caps . When a signal with these settings once it is clear that under the coil is not iron , after the switch to trigger the second discriminator if the signal is lost, it becomes clear that under the coil and foil .

Tesoro Tejon Ground Balance with Park Finds Wheat Cent


All this is done with two clicks of the trigger and takes a fraction of a second. With a little practice , search with a metal detector Tesoro Tejon seems completely natural and only true .

You can play any time discriminator to clarify a possible trigger switch mode pinpoint metal detector and find the depth and finds its exact location , raising the coil over the ground.

Tesoro Tejon metal detector has a number of advantages:

– This is a very lightweight device with a great balance . It weighs only 1.3 kg . , Which allows you to search with him for hours on end without getting tired .

– The speed of response and the ability to separate the metal detector that is deservedly legendary.

– No display and the digital processor can significantly reduce the secondary costs of energy and all the energy expended on the direct search . This is one of the few devices that can operate up to 20 hours on one set of batteries.

– Tesoro Tejon metal detector is highly sensitive professional-level instruments : 45 cm by 5 kopecks USSR coin and a huge ultimate sensitivity at 2 pm

– High frequency of 17.5 kHz metal detector makes it ideal for finding small items , jewelry, artifacts.

Tesoro Tejon Ground Balancing First Pull a Wheat Cent


Not for nothing is specified on the manufacturer’s website : Tesoro Tejon – which is perfect metal detector to search for historical places , medieval villages , a war zone , and more.
It has a rapid response from the target and accurately determines metal.
Tesoro Tejon is a serious professional detector , and not inferior in quality to search digital devices . “

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