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The fact gold100 genuine gold for people who want to buy gold and investors, both had a desire to invest


Money 1-gold is money


2. Gold is a chemical element


3. the atomic number of gold is 79


4. garage used in gold currency and instrument in the jewelry industry and the arts since history began


5. There is no gold in the form of ore or granules or veins or fluvial sediments


6. Gold features a gloss and smoothness and density


7. Gold is the most malleable metal and operational methods


8. Gold is more metal to drag


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9. gold has a bright yellow color, welaitaxd water or air


10. gold metal used in currency instrument, a symbol of wealth and value


11. gold was always secrets and rituals


12. the estimated weight of the gold extracted from funeral since launch date b 161 000 tons


13. in modern industries introduces gold in several areas such as dentistry and electronics


14. Gold is used because of its ability to resist erosion caused by rust, and lkvaeth as a conductor of electricity


15. Gold is the lowest in chemical reactions


16. Gold resist insoluble in nitric acid, is sour which dissolve silver and other metals


17. nitric acid is used to confirm the presence of gold in various works


18. Gold is more metal to drag & road


19. one gram of gold can be addressed and transformed into a slide one sqm.


20. one ounce of gold can be addressed to slice a 300 SQFT


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21. Gold coil can be addressed to the extent that they become transparent


22. gold can enter in installation of alloys with other metals easily


23. the alloys containing gold in engineered, through which the control can change the degree of hardness and properties


Metal, melting point and degree of color


24. using gold as a conductor of heat and electricity


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25. Gold reflects infrared strongly


26. Gold is not affected and does not react chemically with air or humidity or chemical that caused most projectors


Other material erosion


27. Gold ions in solutions, could easily precipitate a gold metal


28. gold and high-purity quality tasteless


29. gold has a very high density, where the cubic metre weight kg extra modifications.


30. the color of pure gold is yellow almitalik


31. gold, caesium and copper are the only metal elements that have a natural color other than gray and


White 32-gold reacts in different ways depending on relative changes affecting the orbits surrounding


The gold atoms and further facts about gold


33. common colors such as pink gold gold alloys, engineered by adding varying amounts of copper and




34. Gold one stationary chemical analogues, which is also the only counterpart is normally


35. Gold used on a global scale as a means of monetary exchange, promulgation, and adoption of value gold coins or


To measure and value of securities, or even to adopt fixed standards where value for money represented by stock


Gold reserve


More facts about gold 36. amount of gold in the world is limited, and gold production grew fairly growth


The global economy


37. today, gold mining rate decreases further facts about gold


38. in the twentieth century, world gold reserves and circulation markets represents a small part of the market


And fixed exchange values


39. with the beginning of World War I the warring States changes led to move gold and inflated values


Their currencies to finance the war effort


40. after World War II Gold was replaced by a currency that follows Woods Brittain system


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41. fixed values for gold, direct conversion of currencies into gold, been prevented by world Governments and replaced


Official currency


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42. Switzerland was the last nation to link its currency to gold, where he eats covering 40% of its value until Switzerland joined


The International Monetary Fund 1999


43. pure gold is too mushy when used in daily transactions, therefore, is mixed in alloys


With copper or silver or other metals to add toughness to him


44. aiaralzehb is measured in Carat alloy more facts about gold 45-pure gold allocated


With code 24 carats


46. gold coins that were in circulation between the years 1526 until the 1930s were manufactured


Calibre alloy 22 carats to hardness, and was called Crown gold more facts about gold


47. the alloys of gold coins modern manufacturing to invest, don’t need the necessary rigidity property


In the case of trading, so they are made of 24 karat


48. gold coins, such as the Golden Eagle and British gold coin walrnd Golden State South


Africa are still created arbitrarily as 22 carat gold carats, and the traditional way


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49. special version for gold coin Canadian paper tree, contains the highest purity of any alloy coin


And is 99.999%, purity degree 0, 99999 while men rolling public release of this gold coin


Him a purity 99.99%

50. the Australian Kangaroo gold currency was its instrument for the first time in 1986 as Australian gold ore, while instrument Kung.


51. There are many gold coins that were in Australia instrument, such as a lunar calendar, and


A Philharmonia Orchestra


100 genuine gold


52. in 2006, a u.s. currency instrument other instrument production, Buffalo coins


Gold purity 99.99%


53. many people speculating on gold, who invested in the form of ingots or gold coins, as a kind of


Balance and a hedge against inflation and economic fluctuations
54. No.: ISO 4217 currency code is gold lettering x u


55. because of the softness of pure 24 karat gold, it is mixed in alloys with other metals to modify some


Attributes such as degrees of hardness, flexibility, assimilation, and color, in addition to other properties. Alloys


Least as 22 caliber, 18, 14, 10 Carat contains higher percentages of copper, gold, Palladium or


Other metals


Another fact about 100 gold


56.18 carat gold containing 25% copper, is in jewelry and alantec


Russian jewelry, color has remained clear but not brassy Saed, a so-called pink gold
57.14-Karat Gold alloys mixed with copper, almost identical in tone with some alloys


Bronze, and used both in the production and manufacturing police badges, and other similar emblems


100 genuine gold


58. blue gold can network through blending with iron and purple gold can network through


Blending with aluminum, er that preparation of these alloys is not popular for their use only in production quality


Especially of jewelry. These alloys are fragile, so is used in the jewelry industry is




59. gold bullion from ayari 14 Karat and 18 karat mixed with silver only take color scratch italic


For green, so called green gold.


100 genuine gold
60. White Gold alloys can be mixed balbalidiom or nickel


16. white gold of 18 carat contains 17, 3% nickel, 5.5% zinc and 2.2% copper. This


White Gold has silver color


62. White Gold alloys of higher calibre, are more resistant to erosion than silver or silver alstirling




63. technical Japanese jewellery industry known as “mocumbi Jain” exploit variation in colour alloys


Various gold to give suggestion to the decorative similarity wood pellets


64. medieval, gold was seen as having health benefits, based on the belief that anything rare


And beautiful can only have a health benefit


65. some contemporary researchers in the fields of metaphysics, especially practitioners of alternative medicine are gold


The benefits of therapeutic power
66. some gold salts have anti-inflammatory properties, and are used as medications to treat arthritis and


Similar symptoms


67. Gold salts and analogues radioactive only useful in medicine, either gold as it is idle in any


Interactions with the chemicals inside the body


68. the gold injection proved dwells pain and bulges caused by rheumatoid arthritis and




69. use gold alloys in dentistry and in renovation, especially adapted for crowns and bridges




70. the harmonious mix of gold, is a combination of gold micro-molecules in a liquid are what


Is water
71. the harmonious mix of gold used in research and medical and biological applications and cases of science article


72. use gold, gold alloys with Palladium, as cover conductor for some lousy biomaterials plug


Such as plastic and glass, so could be followed up by electron microscopy


73. gold can produce secondary electrons when it is shining a beam of electrons, those electrons


Low energy use as sources of reference follow-up and examination by electronic microscope


74. using gold chips and gold dust in fine dining and decorating industry components, especially


Desserts and drinks


75. Gold chips and ghobara were used to decorate food & beverage when gentry in medieval Europe


Central, either to show the richness of the host, or as convinced that rare and precious thing you should be useful for health


76. «gold and families» is grog of aromatic herbs, produced in Poland and Germany, and contains


Gold chips


77. There are some cherished by anwaa cocktails price (up to $ 1,000) contain gold chips


And papers


78. because inert metal gold interact with body chemistry, it is tasteless when eating, and has no value


Food does not change anything in the body.


79. soldering gold used in jewelry and parts delivery under high temperatures


80. gold can be recycled in the form of filaments used in embroidery


81. the gold features flexibility and road characteristics and the clouds, this means you can convert it to a thin cord,


Or his ways and turn it into chips known as coil gold.
82. severe color produces gold irritation when used in dyeing some types of stained glass


83. in photography, gold effects are used to control the colors white, black and brown tones in the direction


And blue, or to install them


84. custom gold craftsmen and they handled him since the copper age


85. Gold relics were found dating to the fourth millennium BC in the Balkans, for example, those pieces that


Found in the tombs of Varna


86. the Golden artifacts, such as hats and gold CDs «stress» alsmaeh, appeared in Europe


Since the second millennium BC


87. the Egyptian hieroglyphic writings since circa 2600 b.c. and as King «toshrata mitanni»,


Describe gold in mserbanh: more abundant dirt

88. Egypt, especially Nubia possessed a wealth of ygalhamantg the main gold throughout history


89. the Romans developed new methods for extracting gold in large quantities using hydraulic drilling methods,


In Spain since the year 25 b.c. and beyond, then in Romania beginning in the year 150 a.d. and beyond


90. the Malian Empire in Africa is best known in the ancient world to possess large quantities of gold


91. the European discovery of the Americas, was behind his support always, constant supply and profusely, for cutting ornaments


Native American gold


92. Despite the fact that the price of some platinum group metals higher degrees of price of gold, but gold still,


For a long time, is needed first of all precious metals, and its value is used as a benchmark for many prices


Currency, and throughout history
93. the gold still is a symbol of purity and nobility here, or rather the symbol of all these attributes combined


94. There is a long tradition of biting gold for sure being gold, despite the fact that this method does not look


Professional test gold, but the principle of biting shows us that gold metal by


95. it was easy from the geological gold mining in antiquity, however, 75% of


Total gold throughout history are extracted from 1910


96. estimates and calculates all the gold that was purified, and found it equal to cube air-dried 20 meters (66


Ft), equivalent to 8000 m 393-gold still is a symbol of purity and nobility here, or rather a symbol for each


These attributes combined


94. There is a long tradition of biting gold for sure being gold, despite the fact that this method does not look


Professional test gold, but the principle of biting shows us that gold metal by


95. it was easy from the geological gold mining in antiquity, however, 75% of


Total gold throughout history are extracted from 1910


96. estimates and calculates all the gold that was purified, and found it equal to cube air-dried 20 meters (66


Ft), equivalent to 8000 M3
97. the main objective of the chemical Veterans was recovery of gold from other substances such as lead, assuming


Interact with invisible substance called the philosopher’s stone


98. the gold icon is a circle within it have points, and is the same astronomical symbol and Chinese character that identifies




99. during the nineteenth alkurt, began the so-called mad gold with all discovering atmospheric went great. First


Register for the discovery of gold in the United States was a goldmine «Ried» near George Vail North


Carolina, 1803


100. due to major historical value, still plenty of gold extracted in history of art


In one form or another


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