The family metal detector

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The family metal detector

What child would not dream to leave armed treasure with a metal detector model reduces to compete your which is ‘for the great “? It seems very simple to turn your hobby into a real passion for the whole family, be just a little creative! Here are a few tips to make the detection of metal fun for the whole family.

The family metal detector

Turn the detection of leisure in competition

Release the envy of your children competition by transforming a few hours of use of metals in a treasure hunt. Bring them in a place where they used to play with their friends or family and let them detect a few hours. The first person to find some part or another object of interest will be rewarded with a surprise of your choice. You can spice up the thing with time events.

Invent a role-play with your metal detector

Practice to invent stories and create a real account of fees for your children. If you are on the edge of the sea, nothing more simple. Invent a story of pirates and naval battle. If you are in the countryside, tell them the old wars of the valiant Knights. Do not hesitate to exaggerate the battles and explain that some remains are buried beneath their feet and when they will use their metal detector and that they will find coins or jewelry, it will be to update the vestiges of the past and give them a second life. Please do not hesitate to offer them to dress up, and who knows, maybe you will take you to the game?

The metal, why not at a regular output detector

If you have the chance to live in a region where the Sun is quite visible. Use your weekend wisely from pic – fuck family in a rural area. Take advantage of this time to take your metal detector and share your hobby with your family. Whatever the frequency, once a week or once a month, everyone will be delighted to discover your so mysterious leisure!

Take them to the Museum

Here, out of the question to take your metal detector with you. On the other hand, the detection of leisure is also, and above all, a passion for history and past civilizations. Thus, getting your family interested in what our ancestors have bequeathed us. Show them what they can see in a museum also lies beneath their feet and that just an afternoon and a metal detector to ensure that the present meets the past…