The legendary city of Troy

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The legendary city of Troy



city of Troy

View City of Troy Troy legendary ancient city famous for Troia to the war around them, and the great Greek poet Homer immortalized in Homeros in his epic the Iliad. Also defined in the name of Elon Moreh Ilion (or Aelius when Homer), came from the name of the Iliad.
The legendary city of Troy
The Troy is on the foot of a hill in the region of Troas, in the Northwest of Asia minor near the Dardanelles central plain River Skamandros mostly narrated askmandr. Located about 10 km from the Sea provides protection from hacker attacks, but allowed it to control the maritime trade route between the Aegean Sea through the Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits into the Black Sea and its beaches.
Thanks Troy detection to “German Heinrich Schliemann H.Schliemann, who employed his wealth to establish the fact of notice alhomiret, and proved that the Troy sit under Turkish hizarlk Hisarlik heights and his drillings began in 1871, which was the beginning of a new era in archaeological research and study of the civilizations of the Aegan.
And was followed by the German archaeologist dorbevld (1893-1894) Drpfeld, followed by American excavations (1932, 1938) under the chairmanship of Karl blighan Carl Blegen. Archaeological excavations have shown the presence of nine residential successive layers on the site, my back to the late 4th millennium BC, and her sixth to the fifteenth century BC, perhaps A seventh class with the alhomiret Troy and landed by the Hellenic historical novels in 1184 BC, according to accounts of the astronomer iratostnis. After a lapse of 50 years ago excavations were resumed again in 1988, by the German University of Tübingen mission headed by Manfred korfman M.Korfmann to the study of the history of the site and the developments over the past 4,000 years. One of the most important findings after 13 years of prospecting, the Troy belonging to the late bronze age (13th century BC) was much greater than previously thought, also showed a big archaeological data and description of the Iliad, and also showed that Troy civilization is civilization anadolet in their effects and their world of their gods as well as probably in language and writing. It also stressed the importance of the Troy and its central role in the commercial and cultural material transfer between the Aegean basin and the Black Sea, the Caucasus region as a source of metal ore.
The Troy name in Hittite cuneiform documents as vilosa Wilusa (originally Wilios) more than 20 times, most famously in the great Hittite King muwatalli (approximately 1290 1272 b.c.) with Alexander King vilosa which remember joining the Hittite Empire. It is clear that the dominant position vilosa Dardanelles were political and military significance of the Hittite Kingdom, particularly in conflicts with alakhein (Achiyawa), and other documents to its thirteenth-century b.c. Egyptian writings recalls between allies of the Hittites in the famous battle of kadesh (1287 BC) the name of the derdnoi, a name that refers to Homer on the Troy also. The Egyptian legacy of Rameses III pattern dates back to the beginning of the twelfth century b.c. that “turbulent Algeria was concerned, perhaps in this reference to the Troy war and the accompanying unrest swept the Aegean basin.
And the Troy war as an epic Homer because Prince Paris kidnapped the son of the Troy King briamos King of Sparta’s wife Helena Helena that had the most beautiful women of her time. And it is not inconceivable that the Kings alakhion have used the story of kidnap Helena to rekindle their people to fight. But it seems that the real reasons for the war were famous in order to expand and control the road leading to the Straits and the rich plains on the shores of the Black Sea, in addition to rich greed Troy and commercial wealth and location excellent. And demonstrate the effects found among the ruins of the city that trade was extensive, and the Troy Kings imposed excise taxes on all goods and hence their wealth and their treasures. Thus the word met alakhein to destroy the bulwark that prevents their expansion and control over the region, and their armies led by agamemnon to wage that war famous involving also the peoples of Asia minor along with the Troy. The war ended with the fall of Troy, which became a symbol of war and destruction, as is «Troy» symbol of guile and deceit. The Greeks tried to portray the Troy war as a chapter of the conflict between East and West, which renews in the Persian wars and was one of the causes.
Troy have charmed people for thousands of years, and visited the great feature historical figures from Alexander the great of Macedon at the beginning of his campaign, as axrksis famous King of Persia before the invasion of Greece, and the Roman emperors, visited the greats such as Julius Caesar and August wehadrian, Constantin. And tells about the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror that he visited a Troy after opening of Constantinople said: ” I’ve retained my machine right, despite the many years that this city and avenged her family». And this site Arabic armies crossed the Dardanelles to attack Constantinople and siege, as was its proximity to the famous Dardanelles battles between the allies and the Ottoman Turks in World War I.
Troy was the subject of a large collection of myths concerning the origin and would and revoked and the war around, which emerged by the finest poems and epics and literary and artistic works, and influenced Greek and European culture. The Romans were invited to join the legendary Troy hero Aeneas was their grandfather, who gave their meathouse famous (alaniadh).
View of the city of Troy and the Troy has become part of world cultural heritage, UNESCO has declared the 1998. The Turkish Government declared the area a National Park Park “Troy history of peace», and I decided to create a museum on its soil fit for historical and cultural significance. In Germany was a great archaeological exhibition to mark 130 years to start excavations in Troy (1871) included valuables monuments and treasures collected from museums, months and issued him a huge folder contains the latest studies and research on the effects of Troy and civilization and its history: “dream and reality”.


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