The most important questions before buying a metal detector

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Top Questions to Ask Before Buying a Metal Detector

The task of buying a metal detector can be daunting. Especially with a large number of Web sites, as well as thousands of articles available on the Web about metal detecting, metal detector found the right is critical to the success of your hobby or searching for treasures. As a Hunter, can advise you need to keep in mind several keypoints before buying this metal detector.

Before Buying a Metal Detector

GPX4500 metal detector for gold

    Know what you wanted to find. This is important because every metal detector have its own winning qualities and functions. For example, there are some all around metal detectors, but there are also specific metal detectors that are made specifically for gold and minerals, coins and others.
    Know the ground conditions where you wanted to metal detect. Do you live near the beach? If so, then you will need a metal detector with frequencies that will not be disrupted by the conductivity of salt water. Although majority of metal detectors have waterproof coils, and are safe to use on shallow, fresh water like rivers, Then you’ll need a machine that can find treasure without being disrupted by the conductivity in salt water. Most detectors have waterproof searchcoils that are safe for the shallow end of lakes and rivers, it would definitely be advantageous to you if you know the specific ground you wanted to hunt on. If you want to hunt on playgrounds, sandy beaches or backyards, then an all purpose metal detector should be worth checking out.
    Know how frequent you wanted to use your metal detector. Are you a weekend treasure hunter? Do you intend to use your machine everyday? Whether you are a frequent or holiday treasure hunter or hobbyist, considering the frequency would matter. You needed to check the warranties of the metal detector you wished to buy. Read and know the coverage and the guarantees of the metal detector you wanted to buy. Read product reviews from various sources. You might want to check if there are repair centers in your area in case you needed to have your machine checked out or even if you have some technical issues you cannot handle. Majority of big metal detector manufacturers have very good warranty coverage as well as guarantees, but it would be best if you have read and clarified every conditions set on those warranty cards. Keep your receipts in case the warranty have to be verified.
    Are you a first time treasure hunter? This question is important because metal detecting is not just a quick learning hobby. You needed to research, learn and know your metal detector. Anticipate spending time with your metal detector. You may have to read the manual more than once so keep an extra copy in your bag just in case.

Before Buying a Metal Detector

    Know how much you are willing to invest. Metal detecting can be expensive if you choose it and this would greatly depend on what you wished to find. For example, if you wanted to find natural gold, then you will need to invest on an expensive metal detector because gold can only be found 8 ft below the surface! But no matter what kind of metal detector you want, if its the an affordable, all around metal detector, you will certainly find your own treasure because even small finds will build up over time.
No matter which metal detector you decide to go with, you are guaranteed to have paid for it because you will surely find those coveted relics, rare coins or recovered jewelry in no time!


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