The Western Roman Empire

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The Western Roman Empire
Western Roman Empire (Western Roman Empire) is the Western half of the Roman Empire since the dismissal in 286 Diocletian; and become the other half of the Roman Empire known as the Eastern Roman Empire, today widely known as the Byzantine Empire.
Rome was no longer the capital since the separation. In 286 became midiolanom (Milan), capital of the Western Roman Empire. In 402 n I capital again, this time to Ravenna.
Found in several Western Empire intermittently between the third and fifth centuries, as a result of Government of Diocletian Quartet and the reunification process on the first bkstantin and Julian the apostate (331-363). It was Theodosius I (379-395) last Roman Emperor h k m unified Roman Empire. And divided the Roman Empire after his death in 395. Western Roman Empire officially ended with the abdication of Romulus Augustus under pressure of Odoacer on 4 September 476, and informally with the death of Julius Nepos in 480.
Despite the restoration of the Eastern Roman Empire for a short time, the Western Roman Empire to rise again. And the fall of the Western Roman Empire, began a new era in the history of Western Europe: the middle ages.