Tips how to find small treasures

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Tips on how to find small treasures – Find treasures – it’s a game of chance , but at the same time , it is a wonderful kind of leisure , providing emotional release and physical activity. If overly rely on a big win in a search result , it will inevitably lose. Human nature never rest on its laurels purpose. If these quality used for self-improvement , this process will bring more joy than frustration , but if it is directed only at the material enrichment , negative emotions necessarily prevail over positive even in the hearts of the most successful hunters . Repeated findings did not bring great joy of discovery, and will torment the question: ” Why hoard less than I want , ‘and it will happen regardless of the value of the treasure.

It is not necessary for these lines take me a hypocrite and a moralist , but in games with luck you need to adhere to certain moral rules .

I will not reveal anything new, listing their money comes and goes , and conscience is , do not put all the money on the card , do not give in to despair rapid – good luck always mixed with setbacks .

Now let’s talk about fieldwork with a metal detector in an amateur performance . Before you go in search of treasures, carefully examine the ” nature ” of his instrument and carry out tests with him , in order to identify the whole range of advantages and disadvantages of your metal detector . The main tasks of the device – to determine metals in the ground, but with the definition of deep sensitivity and start . Need to fulfill the detection of various objects made of different metals. Understand : is the device distinguishes nonferrous and ferrous metals ? Remember sound reaction to certain metals and sound relationship with the setting . Should try to determine whether the background sound different non-metallic objects , so I met a device that howls at the bricks , as in iron, although iron in the bricks was not. The other device is very loved ” playing Alert ” detection of granite boulders that had to pull out of the ground and inspect .

Determine the minimum value of the detected object – both color and black metal : metal detectors , some systems may submit identical signal as an iron nail, and a large copper object .

To find small items need to figure out one question: at what point in the square plate detector is the most sensitive portion of the device. The fact that such a point may be located at different sites of the magnetic coil. The zone of maximum sensitivity can be on the edge ring , or on only one portion of the perimeter or at the center. The central location is most convenient point . Judge for yourself : if the diameter of the “saucer ” – 20 cm and the diameter of the coin – 2 cm, simpler to define it in the ground, than grind all clods in an area of ​​20 cm2.

Now – a little about the design of the instrument: Designer – lover is not always familiar with the practice of searching, and even the best appliance can turn into an instrument of torture treasure hunt . At the same time , you can make yourself comfortable housing and move there electronic ” stuffing .”

Small Treasures are Big Finds

Device clock is necessary to wear at arm’s length , so it is advisable to maximally facilitate its weight. Convenient and support device , rests in your forearm, as many imported samples. An important detail – the length of the rod , which is mounted on a movable hinge plate detector . It is desirable to make this post or telescoping of several removable segments. Now get rid of the extra wires hanging , otherwise all the branches , twigs and roots will cling to them . Most vulnerable unit suffering from mechanical loads , there is a link rod detector – because it must be non-metallic , and it comes at the expense of safety. Probably should be provided and the possibility of breakage of the node , with the field replacement – the replacement . Another trouble can be identified in field trials – the unreliability of contacts. The bane of low-voltage equipment for all cod and failures can ruffle even the calmest seeker and cause distrust of technology.