Tips when wearing gems

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Tips when wearing gems

Wearing gemstones

Photos of gemstones 

Wearing gemstones

If you are wearing some gems for astrological purposes, you must follow certain procedures before wearing gems
Regardless of the precious noaihalahagar whether luxury or other, how you can wear gems sometimes results latthakk. The answer is you did not follow the proper way to wear a gemstone. To get the maximum possible benefit of astronomical terms by wearing gems, must follow the proper procedure and thus reap the full results one should always keep in mind the following points
Precious stones should be fact, parts alahagaralkrimh from a trusted source, best buy gems from an authorized distributor.
Should be alahagaralkrimh case in the metal. For example: gold yellow Sapphire
Each finger represents a specific planet, it must be worn on the finger. For example: the middle finger “sapphire blue”.
It should be worn on a particular day of the planet Earth, and also in light of the lunar month half, called ‘ Baksh Xanana ‘ in Sanskrit. For example: Sapphire worn on Sunday
Due to this special planet called “Pagan” to be followed. (24 hours a day, divided into 12 parts, according to Sun 12 marks called 12Lagans)
You must purify gems by adopting proper purification, so that it is completely remove negative energy and gem complete with positive energy.
‘ “Read the mantra” ‘ planet on should be recited 108 mirror.
Appropriate gifts should be given to calm the ill effects of planets.
Note: there is one and only one way to give power to your planet and is by wearing gems, and there is no other way. On the contrary there is only one way to reduce the negative effects of your planet by wearing gemstone and combination with metal fitting, unequivocally real gems and contribute to relevant articles will definitely help get power and your planet

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