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Our new Top device Detector 2012 works in four languages including Arabic


Now we offer our valued customers the latest device to uncover gold treasures underground.
The specifications of this device and its features make it any Explorer or prospector wishes this device the specifications and its features is the dream of all explorers in the world.


High-tech – HD – small size, ease of use


The latest technology to newer devices with electromagnetic imaging system featuring ease of use and high penetration power and discovering underground gold fast and without being influenced by any natural factors final and reach the target easily. This device has been updated in the largest US factories to be unique in the hands of the explorers masterpiece treasures and monuments.
(This device has the best world quality certificates and manufacturing professional scientific quality certificate holder from the United Nations Foundation for exploration and science and supported by it).
Top device device Detector 2012 exploratory system works in all areas, fields, and historic cities and features a unique property to discover the underlying goals in walls and castles and stony.
The device works in archaeological and ancient churches and silos and old houses, castles, fences and walls, rivers, in the mountains quietly and monitor certain objectives without trouble or inconvenience or move, destroy, remove or damage any of these buildings.
An expert system for detecting walmghr and caves and tunnels and underground rooms.
The device works in the field of exploration is top secret security, the device is not affected by any external effects and does not affect the jamming any wired or wireless communications devices.
The device is not affected by soil types including clay soils or volcanic rock and desert awalskhor burst and sedimentary rocks and rock alasthalet.
The device includes high quality specifications and technical features and unique technology, and contains many features that surprise you while you have the device. The device detects (gold, gold, gold bullion and gold funds filled with Ottoman gold funds and pharaonic and Roman treasures and all thoroughly alknosalmdvonh).
Top device Detector 2012 so strong and effective and extremely precise and successful and best hardware and world metal detector systems with electromagnetic imaging system and this disclosure principle alghazali (altiaralkhromghnatisi) high precision and sensitivity so that penetrates all layers of soil types and forms and to discover if any goal without any problems

The idea of the device


The device sends electromagnetic currents strong to penetrate the soil and circular detection area covers the 4 m square, and with it systems on a particular device to search for gold metal only to discover any other metal except gold, in the ground.

Specifications and techniques


• The device works in different languages (Arabic-English-French).
• The total weight of the machine with the soaring full 2 kg only.
• This specialist electronic device detector to detect gold under the Earth.
• Works on (AUF) (HD waves) that penetrates all types of soil.
• Provider keys adjust to balance search and select search and force signal strength and audio level control.
• A very accuracy, efficiency and speed in identifying objectives and indicate it clearly and quickly.
• Specialized keys systems running and adjust the device to begin work and detection.
• An expert system to detect gold under the Earth.
• An expert system in detection of gold and silver.
• An expert system for detecting gold ore and veins of gold and gold sandstone.
• Audio system works while having the device on or near the goal.
• An expert system to determine the location and size of the target with extreme precision.
• Specialized system select the depth of the target.
• An expert system for detecting walmghr and caves and tunnels and underground rooms.
• This device is designed by world-class, to work anywhere in the world.
• Works in all weather conditions, and in all levels of temperature and humidity.
• Device demountable to be miniature carrying case.
• Discover the targets to a depth of 6 meters is real and effective.
• Circular detection area covers 4 m box.

Hardware components

• Main unit for organ and is composed of high-quality color computer screen size 10 x 15 cm appears and describes the drivers and also the main unit at all exact and play keys and adjust lighting or lighting awaikav lighting or strong light relief.
• Annex with two large size disk pictorial 38X40 cm and 28×30 cm size painterly disk dedicated to raw gold.
• 12 volt battery with battery backup.
• Works on the power voltage 12 volt rechargeable battery.
• Equipped with charger 220-240 volt.
• Battery operated for 14 hours.
• Equipped with headphones.
• Video to learn how to work the machine.
• Catalog in Arabic and English.
• Bag to contain and store the device.
• Pride of American industries.
• Certificate of origin and guarantee for 5 years on the main unit and one year for other parts and accessories.