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map of ancient civilizations of the world printable map of ancient civilizations In the category ancient civilization Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough. and dive into more detail in regards to map of ancient civilizations of the world printable map of ancient civilizations.
Despite all the achievements of science and technology, man has not learned to travel in time. Our knowledge of the past is based only on information that can be gleaned from the preserved monuments of writing, folklore, history and architecture. Unfortunately, this knowledge is most often incomplete: for each solved riddle there are several questions, and remaining unanswered.

In Cappadocia There are whole cities-fortresses, cut down in soft rocks. One of them, Uchhisar, is inside a 60-metre cliff. This Gigantic shelter once housed more than 2500 people, but who and when settled here first-is not known. According To some data, the cave settlements in Cappadocia appeared thanks to the Christians who fled here in the 1St century from persecution. But There are also supporters of the ancient history of mountain fortresses: some find their connection with the Bronze age!

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Mesopotamia is the Mesopotamia of the Tiger and the Euphrates. It is Believed that it was there was the most ancient civilization (4-3 thousand BC) of the Ancient world-Sumera. Their origins are still unknown, because in Mesopotamia the Sumomians were a newcomer from the island of Delmun, which is not on any ancient map. Shumeters were skillful farmers. Their towns of Uruk, Sippar, Kish and others had a wide irrigation system. They had their cuneiform writing. The Peculiarity of this civilization was the ability to smelt metals, deep astronomical knowledge and high degree of urbanization of the state. The Technology of the Sumerian people was very much ahead of many other nations, which developed in parallel with them.

African Civilization

The State of Ancient Egypt arose along the Nile coast around the 4th millennium B.C. The Egyptians had a unique religion, numbering more than 3,000 different gods.

The Egyptians left behind a huge number of artifacts, including not only pyramids and sarcophagi, but also a huge number of characters, ceramics and papyrus.

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