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ancient world civilizations and religions world history ancient civilizations answer key In the category ancient civilization Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough. and dive into more detail in regards to ancient world civilizations and religions world history ancient civilizations answer key.
Needless to our distant ancestors even the person equipped with modern achievements of science, would seem to be supernatural creation. What to say about the creatures that can travel between the stars! Here and there remained these visitors from other worlds in memory of ancient peoples as gods.

Sagan and Shklovsky believed that the hypothesis of paleokontact has the right to exist and deserves serious consideration, but the lack of evidence itself was noted. Despite This, the idea of researchers-enthusiasts has infected seriously. The Main factory was Erich von Deiken, who published in 1968 the book "Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the past ". He claimed that on Earth there are plenty of traces left by guests from other worlds, and "official" science is afraid to confess to themselves and people..

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In the forty-odd years since the release of the Chariot of the gods, hundreds of books have appeared, which in one way or another support or develop the construction of von Deikena. But The main arguments of the proponents of the theory for all this time have not undergone serious changes. Within the framework of our material we will not disassemble these arguments and confine them To their enumeration.

Megalithic buildings. In his first work, and in the numerous books that followed, He drew attention to the grandiose buildings like the pyramids of Giza, Baalbek or the ruins of Puma Punku, which, in his opinion, could not be created by our ancestors. And Indeed, looking at the same Egyptian pyramids, it is easy to believe that for their construction requires technologies that are far superior to everything available to people of the Bronze Age-and neither tens, nor even hundreds of thousands of slaves can not compensate. No Wonder, even without bringing to the question of any aliens, there is no debate about how such buildings were actually erected.

Judging by the film Prometheus, it is not very good for people and those who created them - mysterious Space jockeys, also known as Engineers, whom ancient people worshipped as gods. When at the end of the XXI century people went in search of their ancestors, they found only a ruined military polygon. There Engineers prepared weapons of mass destruction, which were planned to be used on the Earth, and the only live Engineer without unnecessary reasoning began to kill people.

According to one version, the Engineer, whom we see at the beginning of the film, like the legendary Prometheus, acted against the will of his brethren when he "sowed" his DNA on the Earth. This seems to be the starting point of the evolution of Homo sapiens. If our creator was in the minority, it becomes clear why his other relatives created a biological weapon, discovered by the heroes of "Prometheus".

Ridley Scott revealed Another interesting detail in the interview. According to him, Jesus Christ was a messenger of Engineers on the Earth, and for the way humanity was with him, our race finally passed the death sentence. The Reference to this was in the original scenario, but it was removed for reasons of political correctness. The Story of the motives and objectives of the Engineers, Sir Ridley, left for the continuation of the Prometheus.

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