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Gold Hunter

Treasure hunter metal detecting black light weight is ideal for student starting! This large display digital detector with depth and object!

Suitable for amateur absolute and universal detector!
Headset including Dutch manual batteries 1 year warranty.

Technical specifications:
Low frequency movement to detect very low frequencies

-Up to 100 Hz 6.6 Khz frequency range search
-Search 3 adjustable digital media:
-1. Mode discrimination
-2. Show status discrimination
-3. Metal search mode all

-First class discrimination
-Digital depth setting (sensitivity)
-Large digital display with depth and object
-Target path and automatic and manual ground balance
-Max. Search depth 1.2 m
-2 x 9 volt battery with low battery indicator, ± 40 hours search
-3.5 mm headset jack
-Height adjustable steel
-Search open water dish 21 cm
-Weight 1380 grams only