treasures found with a metal detector

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treasures found with a metal detector


With a metal detector found

Hello all , when you talk about the treasure I find myself eager to write, one of us does not dream of finding a treasure, one of us does not want to discover something new , and quite frankly tell you or this dream is not impossible , how many many stories about finding treasure, group large gold coins , not exaggerating if I tell you , it has been found boxes filled with gold Ottoman treasure close to us , and with the metal detector has achieved the dream becomes real, the likes of hobby search for treasures can not fall ill, boredom, and I hope everyone to achieve their dreams.

Often people ask what you can find with a metal detector do? What can you find them ?

Results are doing is very different , from old enough yet.

In the land of the old stuff can be stored well and long enough . Earth may be good for such preservatives.

One of the most desired finds treasure with a metal detector . But not all smiles fate . But the treasure is not very rare nowadays.

Here is a picture and one of the treasures found by metal detectors .

treasures found with a metal detector

treasures found with a metal detector

This result is considered to be significant. Does not cost a lot , but still rare.

Most often with a metal detector to find some coins , jewelry , crosses, etc.

All this is due to the fact that the old villages are usually plowed . In this case , going out to plow and carried the treasure in a certain area. The area is littered with coins easier to find from the point of a special treasure .

Despite the fact that you find small and frequent , but it is very desirable . If only because it is silver , or because enough of age.

Find more of these coins are rare and more valuable . Very scale has a larger size.

Often with a metal detector find copper coins , any old coins do not lose their value , and can be sold or collected to be your own group .

Copper coins of different countries . A bad habit. But there are good samples – washed and collecting and cleaning is not necessary.

A possible , find a very old coins , that even the cleaning will not help her . Coins in poor condition can not be a restoration.

Suffice welcome find with metal – silver coin . Especially if they are also the biggest .

Silver is usually good stores , is the rarest of the copper. And often, interesting enough, and in addition to that, and the highest value of copper.

The ground is still filled with treasures and coins , both gold coins or silver coins , all of great value, realize the dream of finding the treasure needs to be patience , and of course not to despair or fatigue, and all the dreams will be realized .