Types of metal detectors

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Types of metal detectors

Divided into traditional metal detectors into three main types:
Ground metal detector-get a date to search for objects that are partly or entirely made of metal, with the ground or the walls of buildings seeking, etc. This gradual development of metal detectors.
Fixed and installed primarily in one place, in an arc, and mobile metal detectors (mobile metal detectors). To meet the challenges of security and public order in support of the people.
Hand-held metal detectors (Agreement) for a quick check of the baggage allowances and, if there is a risk of people wearing unauthorized weapons or firearms or knives, as well as explosives.

Types of metal detectors



Types of metal detectors for gold

A metal detector is designed to search for treasures in the ground and other precious metals.
Can split metal detectors on earth also to three types:
Relatively cheap metal detectors with a minimal number of features and settings. This is typically used in the training phase detectors or adventure lovers.

Metal detectors are relatively cheap, worth up to $ 800 with electronic control system, with a few additional features and programs. Purchase good for experienced researchers. A comprehensive search for rarities and gold bullion, both on the battlefield and in the Plains, or areas.
Metal detectors for experienced researchers in search of treasure or gold. This high-tech metal detectors with convenient interface design powerful computerized. The price of this metal detector over a thousand dollars.
The third type of metal detectors, not everyone can use highly sophisticated sets require experience and knowledge of the software used, and the high-precision detection of targets buried in the ground, and printing are expensive.
Some tips for junior researchers.
First and foremost, don’t ignore any object that calls the reaction of metal detectors. Test with different settings, will not prevent sometimes look in the instruction manual metal detector and carry with you. Thus, the minimum term to address the nuances of the device. You will appreciate the relevant application and maintenance of metal detectors. Certainly you will have good luck.