Types of searches for gold

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Types of searches for gold


For thousands of years, gold has been a particularly attractive. Today, gold is still one of the world’s mineral value. It’s widely used in the jewelry industry and various industrial uses as well. In addition, many countries depend on maintaining a vast gold reserves to support the value of their currencies. Gold miners use a number of processes to extract minerals from the Earth.

Types of searches for gold

The early gold mining

In early times were the methods used to extract the gold is a simple tools and manual work. Uses the gold miners ‘ pans “were River searching for gold nuggets. More effective tools developed in the later “mehza ‘, a device that looks like a baby and can check mehza pieces of gold from the gravel. Miners also rely on shovels, shovels to penetrate the rocks and dig into the ground where gold had been suspected to be present.

Open-pit mining

Open-pit mining, crushing gold ore in the hole and remove the cross conveyor to the gold factory. There it is processed, weshrovsel pure gold from impurities, are retained if they have any value.


Highbanking is a low-level way of extracting gold that uses a device called a highbanker. Highbanker is equipped with a water pump that pushes through the box hoppers. Are fed large quantities of gravel into the machine and pushed through a filter that separates gold. Highbankers redistribution of water to make it more efficient in dry conditions.


Alluvial mining

Alluvial mining is a technique used for drilling and hydraulic fracturing gold from rock. Some Placer mining operations are huge and can displace millions of tons of rocks and water disposal. This method is among the most efficient mining methods.