unboxing a new whites mxt pro

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unboxing a new whites mxt pro

An updated and improved version of the metal detector Whites MXT.

Changes affected multitone now used 7 colors instead of 2 , control the operation of the detector with the ground, nominally larger diameter coil set – 12 “, an illumination of the display .
Recognition of metals by means of the graphic cursor having 16 positions. White’s MXT PRO is equipped with a new larger diameter search coil 12 “Spider Coil. Appeared display backlight . Multitone Tone ID increased from 2 to 7  . Added selection search mode , it is possible to adjust the threshold background .

Whites MXT Pro Metal Detector Coin Test

Modes White’s MXT PRO:

dynamic – doing the usual search

Dynamic object identification with tone
static ( pinpojnt ) – to detect the exact location of search target .

Controls detector White’s MXT PRO:

GAIN – enables or disables the device adjusts the sensitivity .

DUAL CONTROL – has a dual purpose . In modes Coins & Jewerly Relic and it provides ignoring unwanted targets . Prospecting mode setting controls automatic threshold adjustment SAT.
THRESHOLD – adjusts the volume of the background threshold .
TRAC – the mode selection with the soil from the manual adjustment for the auto .
MODE – selects the operating mode of the metal detector – finding coins or jewelry (Coins & jewelry), relic (Relic) or search for gold nuggets (Prospecting).
GRAB – fast switching between automatic adjustment of ground effect .
“LIGHT BULB” includes the display backlight.

The new development of Whites MXT Pro
The new development of Whites MXT Pro



Control Unit White’s MXT PRO, 8 AA batteries . , Search coil 34cm x 28cm Super .

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