Under the section “MCD-500 metal detectors

Under the section “MCD-500 metal detectors In the category information security systems more articles and learn more information about Under the section “MCD-500 metal detectors Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

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water metal detectors


Under the section “MCD-500 metal detector

Under the section "MCD-500 metal detectors
Brief introduction:
(1) 6 regions (or 18)
(2) 0 to 99 can adjust the sensitivity
(3) two led light amarm
Large LCD screen panels
(4) sound alarm
(5) introduction of special composite plastic materials
It is waterproof, fire-resistant shakibrov,
(6) with remote control, easy to work
(7) full version of brand Garrett
Power supply: AC220/50 Hz
Or AC110V/60 Hz
Power consumption: 35W less
Operating temperature:-20 ° c to + 65 ° c
Net weight: about 75 kg
MCD 500 walkthrough metal detectors is one of the world’s top performance in this area “metal detector” and in very reasonable prices. Is ideal for factories, mines, banks and others where the cost of metal materials may get easily lost, as well as airports, prisons and exhibition halls which prohibited hazardous mineral.

Walkthrough for water metal detectors (plastic composite material) model: MCD 301

Under the section "MCD-500 metal detectors

MCD-300 walkthrough metal detectors for security type of water, it is mainly used in government agencies and public security, prosecution, courts, prisons, detention centres, customs, airports, stations, stadiums, exhibition and entertainment places, big collection of places and others, as well as the plant or establishment of hardware, electronics, jewelry, military, mint and so on.

water metal detectors

Function: (1) to detect the region without blind spots, area detection to detect all good points uniformly;
(2) precise positioning: the average allocation of six separate detection area, target detection, and light and sound at the same time
Alarm, light pillars on both sides of the alarm, the accuracy of GPS, Visual display of digital objects
(3) design units: using modular design, installation convenience, easy to exclude failure.
(4) the functions of self-diagnosis: built-in self-diagnostic procedures, power on self test and error.
(5) the microprocessor technology: more flexible control, through the control panel can be programmed to all default parameters,
To meet the needs of users use requirements
(6) design of complex circuits, infrared devices, automatic computer, can reduce the effectiveness of false positives and omissions, since
The dynamic statistical report the frequency of police, through the number.
(7) digital signal processing DSP filter systems, and the ability to intervene antiliktromagnitake excellent and strong resistance touch screen
And the ability of the collision, many people crowded in the normal operating state.
(8) an adjustable sensitivity: detects each have 100 sensitivity level may require adjustment according to the appropriate detection
(9) specifically to store three sets of criteria for good planning to suit different occasions and special chemicals. Equipped with remote control,
More convenient and easy to operate.
(10) with continuous functionality, could not escape detection at any time. Can be measured automatically and displayed on the
Within the environment, and helps to locate installation.
(11) a password-protected settings: password-protected function, just enter the correct password to modify parameters,
Can not-do not change the security operators for parameter setup, easy to manage.
(12) in accordance with current international safety standards, the use of technology for weak magnetic field emission gun pacemakers
With people, and pregnant women and floppy disks, video tapes and other audio water metal detectors .
Type security door before export, the Council fire materials imported, the advantages of a lightweight and waterproof  water metal detectors 

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